Single-Use Systems

Tailored to Your Production Environment

Polymer-based single-use systems (SUS) from Parker Prädifa offer major benefits in biopharma production over conventional steel- and glass-based multi-use solutions: SUS can reduce the risk of leakage or malfunctions of container closure systems and thusmitigate the risk of contamination. Through a wide range of available container sizes, a scalable production environment can be achieved. In addition, customizing SUS to meet the specific needs of the application environment and tailoring it to fit an existing, validated production framework has significant potential for cutting capital expenditures andoverall system costs.

The combination of Parker Prädifa’s long-standing experience in polymeric materials and certified clean-room production, knowledge of biopharma processes and validation procedures makes us an ideal partner to identify and maximize the potential of utilizing SUS in your manufacturing operations. Our experts can specifically assist you in: 

- Developing customized solutions, tailored to perfectly fit your production environment

- Setting up a suitable validation procedure according to the safety level required by your specific SUS usage

- Managing and coordinating your project from the initial idea through to implementation in regular production processes.

From standardized TriClamp sanitary gaskets to highly customized SUS solutions, Parker Prädifa offers a wide range of standard and non-standard products and materials to improve the efficiency and safety of your biopharma production processes.


Parker Prädifa´s extensive overmolding portfolio, fully scalable range of technology and open architecture enable a wide range of customizable container solutions which considerably mitigate the risk of contamination, allow for integration of pre-validated components and help reduce overall system costs.

Custom Manifold Systems

Parker Prädifa offers fully scalable customized manifold systems which implement all common single-use pharma components, mitigate the risk of contamination through excellent fluid path management and help reduce overall system costs.

Flex Caps

Parker Prädifa´s multi-functional cap solutions provide fully customizable tube-to-unit interfaces with innovative fluid management capabilities. They mitigate the risk of contamination, allow for the integration of previously validated components such as tubing and thus significantly help reduce overall system costs.


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