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Gas Separation and Filtration Division EMEA - ISO8573-1:2010 Compliant System Design

ISO8573-1:2010 Compliant System Design

In many cases treatment of compressed air at the point of generation is not adequate to meet specific ISO classes, whilst ‘over treatment’ at the point of generation can become a costly mistake when considering system running costs.


Parker aims to work with its partners to develop the most efficient system available for the application. See table below for information on the product solutions needed to meet all class levels of ISO8573-1-2010 (click to enlarge).

Typical Compressed Air System Layout
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Treatment at one point alone is not enough and it is highly recommended that the compressed air is treated in the compressor room to a level that will provide general purpose air to the site and also protect the distribution piping.

Point of use purification should also be employed, not only to remove any contamination remaining in the distribution system, but also with specific attention on the quality of air required by each application. This approach to system design ensures that air is not ‘over treated’ and provides the most cost effective solution to high quality compressed air.

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