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Gas Separation and Filtration Division EMEA - Understanding ISO8573-1:2010 Class 0

Understanding ISO8573-1:2010 Class 0

In some cases when a compressor is tested in clean room conditions there may be a minimal reading with respect to oil. However, when installed in a typical urban environment, the level of contamination drawn into the compressor would result in a higher concentration of oil and render the Class 0 claim invalid.


Class 0 does not mean zero contamination, solid particulate and water vapour would still need to be reduced to acceptable levels to achieve ISO8573-1:2010 standards, meaning additional purification equipment is essential.


Typically, for critical applications in the medical and food industries guidelines state that ISO8573-1:2010 2.2.1 is acceptable, but in rare cases where the application has to meet Class 0 with respect to total oil, the remaining acceptable oil concentration has to be agreed in writing and tested in-line with parts 2-9 of ISO8573-1:2010 to be in accordance with Class 0 standards.

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