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Oil Vapour

Ambient air contains four key contaminants, one of which is oil vapour. Oil is carried in the form of unburned carbons, which are drawn into the compressor intake, and once inside the compressed air system, oil vapour will cool and condense.

Mixed with water, this oil vapour is often very acidic, causing damage to the air receiver and distribution piping, production equipment and even the final product.

Parker has designed a trustworthy solution for the proven and effective removal of oil in its gaseous form to ensure oil contamination is prevented in your air compression system.

Oil Vapour Removal Technologies

Adsorption Filters

Created using proven adsorption filter technology, Parker offers a range of easy-to-use filters that combine coalescing and adsorption filters in one unit for the effective removal of oil vapours. They will ensure cost efficiency, reliability and constant high quality for maximum up time. Find out more >


Meeting the challenge of compressed air contamination.

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