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Liquid Oil

Oil is used in the compression stage for sealing, lubrication and cooling. During operation, lubricating oil can be carried over into the compressed air system as liquid oil. This oil is often acidic and, when it mixes with water in the air, causes damage to the compressed air storage and distribution system, the production equipment and can also damage the end product.

Parker has designed the perfect solution to bulk liquid contamination with water separators to effectively remove both liquid oil and condensed liquid water. This will ensure minimal downtime and a more efficient process.

Liquid Oil Removal Technologies

Water Separators

Parker’s water separators offer the most effective removal of liquid contamination in the marketplace. With a key focus on air flow management, separation efficiency at all flow conditions and minimal pressure losses, they also provide proven performance levels for all types of compressors. Find out more >


Meeting the challenge of compressed air contamination.

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