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Condensed Water

Oil is often perceived to be a key contaminant in the compressed air system, but in the majority of instances, this is in fact oily condensate and up to 99.9% of the total liquid contamination is condensed liquid water.

As large volumes of air are drawn into the compressor and compressed, then temperature of the air increases significantly, allowing the air to easily retain the water vapour in the ambient air. As this air is cooled, prior to exiting the compressor, a proportion of the water vapour is condensed into liquid water. This leads to corrosion in the storage and distribution system, damage to production equipment and potential spoiling of the end product, with significant cost implications.

Parker has developed an effective solution for removing both condensed water and liquid oil, protecting coalescing filters against contamination. This ensures increased uptime, reduces maintenance costs and gives you peace of mind.

Condensed Water Removal Technologies

Water Separators

Parker’s water separators offer the most effective removal of liquid contamination in the marketplace. With a key focus on air flow management, separation efficiency at all flow conditions and minimal pressure losses, they also provide proven performance levels for all types of compressors. Find out more >


Meeting the challenge of compressed air contamination.

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