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Compressed Air Contamination

The contamination of compressed air is a significant issue for the manufacturing processes that rely on it. Regardless of whether the compressed air actually comes into direct contact with the product, a clean, dry and reliable supply is essential in order to keep production running efficiently with minimal downtime.

If contamination is not prevented or reduced, it can cause a range of problems in the compressed air system, including:

- Microbiological contamination

- Corrosion within storage vessels and the distribution system

- Damaged production equipment

- Blocked or frozen valves, cylinders, air motors and tools

- Premature unplanned desiccant changes for adsorption dryers

These can ultimately lead to:

- Inefficient production processes

- Spoiled, damaged or reworked products

- Reduced production efficiency

- Increased manufacturing costs

Allowing contamination to exhaust from valves can also lead to an unhealthy working environment, increasing the potential for personal injury, staff absences and financial compensation claims.

At Parker, we understand that the ten key contaminants come from four different sources – ambient atmospheric air, the air compressor, the air receiver (storage devices) and distribution piping. This has enabled us to develop solutions to support an efficient compressed air system, and provide the consumer with a safe and cost effective production facility.

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    Air Receiver

    Contaminants from air leaving the compressor can become deposited in the air receiver and additional contaminants can be generated.
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    Distribution Piping

    Contaminants from air exiting the compressor can become stored in the distribution piping and the cooling process can introduce further contaminants.
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Meeting the challenge of compressed air contamination.

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