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Atmospheric Dirt

Air compressors draw in vast volumes of ambient air, which contains airborne contaminants such as atmospheric dirt. Every cubic metre of ambient air typically contains 140 million dirt particles and 80% of these are less than two microns in size. This means they are too small to be captured by an intake filter and pass into the compressor itself.

Parker has developed easy-to-use solutions, which deliver accurate purification and minimise downtime, vital for the cost-effective operation of your compressed air system.

Atmospheric Dirt Removal Technologies

Coalescing Filters

Parker’s industry-leading coalescing filters are engineered to provide optimum protection for your equipment against contaminants. Highly efficient over an unlimited time of use, they also come with a lifetime warranty so you can benefit from exceptional quality and complete peace of mind. Find out more >

Dry Particulate Filters

Expertly designed and tested to meet the most stringent of air quality requirements, Parker’s range of dry particulate filters ensure the highest levels of water and dirt separation. This not only produces reliably high quality compressed air but also minimises energy consumption to save you money. Find out more >


Meeting the challenge of compressed air contamination.

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