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Compressed Natural Gas, or CNG, is a leading alternative to traditional fuel for the automotive industry. CNG is used in passenger vehicles, pickup trucks, in transit and on school buses. It can be less expensive than gasoline, and is more environmentally friendly – it reduces the amount of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon vehicle exhaust emissions.

Natural gas is gathered from a pipeline and travels to a connecting compressor station. The gas is elevated to pressures ranging from 2000 psig up to 5000 psig and the resultant CNG is stored in large tanks. The CNG then makes its way to a gas dispenser where it is ready for use in CNG vehicles.

Contaminants can enter into the gas at any stage of this processing. Filters are critical at each stage to ensure clean gas as a final product. Contamination that collects during handling, water that condenses in tanks and compressors that leak oil into the fuel stream are all problems that could shorten the life of expensive equipment, create unnecessary downtime and increase maintenance costs. From pipeline to engine, Racor filters provide the critical filtration required for most alternative fuel systems.

How They Work

Protecting the fuel injectors and components of an alternative fuel system is vital to efficient vehicle operation. Racor CNG filters ensure removal of damaging aerosol contamination as small as 0.3 to 0.6 micron and exceed 95% efficiency, depending on the grade of element specified. The CNG coalescer elements are produced by a patented process of gathering microglass fibers and stabilizers into a tubular form with precisely controlled density gradients from the upstream to the downstream side. During operation, fuel is forced through the coalescing media from the inside of the cartridge through the tubular wall to the outside, where the large droplets fall to the bottom of the housing. Oily water emulsion accumulates until drained while the dirt particles remain trapped on the surface of the fibers.


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