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Cartridge Oil Filter Replacements

Just as replacement filters are the heart of a filtration system, so is media research and development. It is the heart of Engine Mobile OE Division's engineering programs world-wide. Racor is renowned for its fuel filtration and patented Aquabloc® media. In oil, the development programs are equally ambitious and testing equally rigorous.

Engine Mobile OE Division’s state-of-the-art laboratories provide the comprehensive test results needed to ensure that filtration systems meet performance specifications.

Tests are conducted on ISO and SAE certified test equipment, including an electronically-monitored engine dynamometer to ensure accurate documentation of the results.

Engine Mobile OE Division engineering research is continuously focused on the latest technology in oil filter media development. Laboratory tests have proven up to 40% higher efficiency with Engine Mobile OE Division oil filter media versus competitive oil filters (ISO 4548-12 Test Procedure).



Synthetic Media


This innovative high efficiency media withstands higher temperatures while delivering extended service life.



Cellulose Media


The engineered design of the Racor cellulose filter media provides for an environmentally clean and efficient oil filter.


Engine Mobile OE Division offers multiple oil filter media options, including synthetic media, for specific engine operating requirements. Synthetic media increases the efficiency and durability of oil filters.



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