Chelsea Products Division

Chelsea Products Division

In the ever changing global business environment, all applications are not created equal. We can help you specify solutions in order to make informed purchasing decisions around technology, applications and relevant specification requirements. Parker can promise premier customer service, on-time delivery and a culture of continuous improvement so you remain competitive in the marketplace and achieve growth objectives.

Chelsea Products Division - Solutions

Quiet Gear Technology

As diesel engines have become more efficient and quiet, auxiliary applications are required to follow suit. Parker Chelsea Power Take-off’s equipped with innovative Quiet GearTM Technology dampen the torsional diesel engine rattle that can transfer to input gears. Quiet GearTM Technology provides quiet solutions for Allison World Transmissions as a “QT” input option. The robust design provides an audible noise reduction (based on independent testing), while retaining all the torque capacity and durability of traditional input gears.


Smart Start Technology

In 2015, responding to market needs for a solution to high inertia start-up applications, Chelsea developed the Smart Start option for hydraulically shifted PTOs. This patent pending solution provides smooth engagement and prevents damaging shock loads where startup spikes can reach levels above a transmission’s torque limit. This protects not only the PTO and its clutch assembly, but also the transmission and driven equipment. With Chelsea Smart Start PTOs servicing customers in the field for years, there is trust in this innovative solution that will last the life of the truck.

Wet Spline Technology

Chelsea’s Wet Spline output option for direct mount pump flanges eliminates fretting and corrosion between mating shafts. Instead of quarterly maintenance requiring cleaning and re-greasing, the PTO and pump shafts are provided a constant flow of clean fresh oil. This oil submersion is most critical when the PTO is not engaged and the mating shafts are most affected by engine torsional vibration. When designing a work truck for the harshest environments, be sure to specify a Chelsea PTO with a Wet Spline output option.