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As the world's leading diversified manufacturer in motion and control technologies, Parker develops and produces systems and solutions for mobile and industrial applications in nine technological areas.


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We start moving things. As the world's leading diversified manufacturer in motion and control technologies, Parker develops and produces systems and solutions for mobile and industrial applications in nine technological areas.

With the acquisition of the Cologne-based Hydraulik Zylinder Fabrik in 1962, Parker is also represented in Germany. Continuous growth and the consequent enlargement of our product portfolio have coined our development since then. Nowadays, we employ approximately 4,250 people in more than 20 German locations.
You have probably been in touch with Parker products a lot of times without even realizing. Our products open doors, make airplanes controllable, support the development of renewable energies or the cooling of food. In other words: Our technologies are represented in almost all mobile or industrial applications. Sophisticated customer solutions and state-of-the-art engineering are only two of the components that make Parker a Global Player.

Parker in Numbers
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Parker in Words
We deliver engineering solutions for a broad scope of essential questions for our future. This is what made has the world‘s leading diversified manufacturer in motion and control technologies which fulfills us with pride and satisfaction. Parker. Solving the world’s greatest engineering challenges.

International Presence in our Core Markets

Internationale Präsenzin unseren Kernmärkten
Parker has locations throughout Germany. Click the image for an interactive map.

Parker Locations in Germany

People who start or who switch to Parker, stay. And considering the few who left, they often come back. Once you discover Parker for yourself, you will have the feeling of having arrived.

Worldwide, we employ around 57,500 colleagues of which approx. 4,250 people work in our German locations. Despite its size, Parker feels like a medium-sized company when you get in direct touch.

On the one hand, our employees profit from cooperative proximity and the possibility to make a difference. On the other hand, you can expect the versatility, strength and security of a globally successful corporation. All that might already be solid reasons to gain ground at Parker.

Simply get the best out of yourself.
Parker’s diversification leads to a unique spectrum of tasks and opportunities as well as the biggest possible freedom to use this versatility and self-determine your career. The huge development opportunities base on the following attributes:

  • Broadness of topics
  • Scope for development
  • Financial solidity
  • Size
  • Individual influence on job and career

Moreover, the Parker-typical continuous change, the size and the international orientation are consistently perceptible in our decentralized locations. Thereby, depending on your position, you will be able to build up your own network across boarders.

No engineer? Welcome.
As industrial corporation in motion an control technologies, our biggest need of employees naturally focuses on the engineering disciplines. However, our versatility also opens up a whole world of possibilities for other qualifications. Please check our category Join Parker to see for whom it is worth to discover Parker’s broad range of topics and opportunities.

Yes, we care!
As employer, we stand behind our employees, even in difficult times. Therefore, we always consider each individual. That is why at Parker, the significance of fairness, integrity, mutual respect and decency is very high. This is not only important but also comes natural for us.

Where ever possible, we take care of the personal situation of our employees. We consider there wishes and initiatives with respect to the development of their career, provide structure feedback and continuously enlarge our training offer. All that corresponds to our attitude as „caring employer“ as well as our portfolio of benefits for our employees. These are e.g.:

  • employer-financed company pension scheme
  • development of working models such as our
    Parker Empowered Teams
  • deferred compensation for the financing of
    company cars for non-tariff employees

Room for person development? Go here.
No matter in which position – Parker requires a lot from your job. In turn, this matches the high expectations that we have with regards to the quality and scope of our own development programs in order to facilitate continuous development. In which direction you would like to enrich your skills and abilities can be determined by yourself to a high extent. At the same time we require from our managers to actively promote these activities.

View the information in the Opportunities section below if you would like to learn more.

Simply get the best out of yourself.
Room for person development? Go here.

Since September 2013, Parker is “Silver Partner” of Enactus, the world’s biggest student network. Enactus is founded on the principles of social responsibility and self-organization: Students of an Enactus Campus Team bundle their knowledge and their competencies in an Enactus project team. Together, they develop and realize a project with a social, ecological or economic focus.

Therefore, the Enactus partner companies – including Parker – provide the teams with so called “business advisors”. These are Parker experts from different functional areas and locations the coach the Enactus project teams with their business experience and the project management know-how. Thus, the students can get first leadership and project management experience and Parker is in the advantageous situation to get in contact with engaged talents.

During the so called “Lean Week” in November 2014, 20 members of the LEAN Campus Team of the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT) had the opportunity to get practical experience in “lean thinking”. The cooperation has been built with the two Parker locations in Eberdingen-Nussdorf and in Lampertheim and we foresee to enlarge this cooperation in the future.

Hence, with this mutual exchange of know-how and the opportunity to join Parker for a job we clearly created a win-win situation.

Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT)


The Story of Parker's History is an interesting account of the transformation of technology over a period of nearly 100 years. Founded in 1918, the evolution of the Parker Appliance Company into Parker Hannifin Corporation illustrates a legacy of innovation. We believe our future growth is assured by honoring Parker’s tradition of excellence.


At Parker, people cultivate the same pragmatic and optimistic working manner and have an inner impetus to do their best.

The people at Parker share their hands-on mentality and a warm, familial nature. The contact is uncomplicated, friendly and mutually supportive. Reliability, fairness and honest feedback coin an environment in which everybody knows what they are talking about.

At Parker, people cultivate the same pragmatic and optimistic working manner and have an inner impetus to do their best.

Parker Empowered Teams: A Cultural Shift of High Significance.
There are many ways to shape a company‘s culture. One of them is our initiative “Parker Empowered Teams” that fosters each employee’s empowerment and enlarges their scope for decision-making. The initiative invites everyone to become an empowered employee which means acting proactively within the own area of responsibility and contributing to Parker’s common success through creativity, know-how and one’s own ideas.

Our “empowered teams” learn to direct themselves towards a common goal in order to effectively organize their work. In the end, the competency of our teams to make common decisions and to solve problems is of increasing strategic importance for Parker. Numerous empowered teams have been nominated in our different divisions and locations that show how the PET process works: Together with the manager of each team and the site coach, team members discuss questions of the day-to-day team business and work on practical improvements. They make mandatory commitments e.g. to deal with conflicts effectively or to smoothen the internal communication within the team.

By that, “Parker Empowered Teams” supports our company culture that builds on mutual respect and the contribution of the individual employee.

Parker Empowered Teams

My idea was to get a taste of working in a company in order to understand what I actually would like to do later. When I started as an apprentice, it was definitely not clear to me that I would be able to work in such a position as I currently do.

It was important to me that I could start in a company with an international background so that I could build a network across borders. I was always lucky to cooperate with supervisor who always gave me a lot of room for decision-making but who also challenged me several times to bring in my own ideas. My current job definitely is a plum job.

Parker is a huge corporation that – end in the end – provides opportunities for each individual. In case you are engaged and flexible, each one can restore the own ideas and accomplish a lot. For me, all that makes it worth working for Parker.

Jens Ostermann
Jens Ostermann

I started here about five years ago and I don’t have a technical background. I studied Marketing, but I wrote my thesis in an engineering company. And in the end, my passion for commercialization is the major point.

Parker has a very open-minded culture. Even in the management, you address each other informally. Of course, this is different at the very beginning, but you behave like this very quickly. Moreover, it is a very personal atmosphere, which I appreciate a lot.

The most challenging thing for me is to be respected and appreciated being a women, a young women and also a woman with migration background. This works when you persuade people on a very constructive level.

Serap Resatoglu
Serap Resatoglu

I started with a trainee scheme at Parker six years ago and at the time, I also had my first day in the location in Pleidelsheim. I was welcomed very openly and cordially. You have a very big network, you always know somebody in each location.

You meet people from Parker at the airport regularly and you are travelling a lot. You don’t get lost in a 10,000 employee company, but performance is really acknowledged. That is how Parker distinguishes itself.

For me, Parker is one of the worldwide most exciting, multi-faceted and complex companies. You can work empowered and you can bring in and implement own ideas. That is really remarkable for such a huge corporation with 13 billion dollars revenue and 65,000 employees.

Andreas Hinkel
Andreas Hinkel

Parker’s company culture typically matches people who are looking for courtesy and solidarity without having to give in their own individuality. In order to make yourself feel comfortable at Parker, you certainly need the professional competence but also a communicative streak and the self-confidence to approach others in an open-minded way. This also includes the ability to back off from time to time and to adapt yourself to others. And to others cultures.

People who match Parker’s culture:
  • Peers who are sociable and who like
    to cooperate with others
  • People who are not overextended by change,
    but who embrace and initiate it
  • Experts with a zest for new things and ideas,
    who are at the same time able to
    question facts and circumstances
    as well as their own experience
  • Achievers who like working independently and
    who are able to handle unstructured tasks
    that still need to be shaped
  • Pros who are tracked against key performance
    indicators which they step up to because
    they take their responsibilities seriously
  • Personalities who stand on their own feet, look
    forward and develop a clear vision of where
    their professional journey should lead.

For people who recognize themselves in these, Parker will be the right place. They will fell arrived home.

Parker encourages individuality


The people at Parker share their hands-on mentality and a warm, familial nature. The contact is uncomplicated, friendly and mutually supportive. Reliability, fairness and honest feedback coin an environment in which everybody knows what they are talking about.

At Parker, people cultivate the same pragmatic and optimistic working manner and have an inner impetus to do their best.


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At Parker, people who actively want to shape their jobs and careers, who want to take charge of their own development and who like to give life to their own ideas, have the biggest possible freedom to give new things a try and make the best out of themselves.

We encourage our employees to use these high degrees of freedom and the development opportunities resulting from them. Therefore, Parker offers an environment that allows for and supports talent development. Thanks to the wide area of topics and tasks, it might be almost impossible not to find the field in which you can live out your professional passion.
At Parker, the possibilities to specialize are excellent. However, that does not mean that you have to stick to one topic all professional life long. Depending on your individual development you can let your expertise grow in several specialist fields. Thus, you can start or pursue your career in our various divisions – also worldwide.

At Parker no one is given the “one and only” career path, but instead, our employees can and may see changes in their careers. Independent of your entry level, you have the opportunity to enlarge your qualification anytime and thus leave a lot of career opportunities open. Therefore, Parker offers you a variety of specialist and management positions.

No matter in which position – Parker requires a lot from your job. In turn, this matches the high expectations that we have with regards to the quality and scope of our own development programs in order to facilitate continuous development. This is supported, amongst others, through

  •  a leadership philosophy that fosters
  •  dual studies
  •  a structured feedback process and the
     shared planning of further development steps

The direction into which you would like to enlarge your skills and competencies can be determined by yourself to a high extent. At the same time, we encourage our management teams to actively support corresponding development activities.
Development at Parker
Leaders at Parker
In case you have the potential and the ambition to develop into a management position, you will definitely not be overlooked by Parker.

In order to prepare managers for their tasks we offer a variety of development activities. Amongst others, we count on our “Talent Development Process” and the training program “Foundations of Leadership”.

“Talent Development Process”
The Talent Development Process focusses on the discovery of future managers. Once a year it is intensely discussed which employees show potential for our management positions. The identified persons are then included in our talent pools and are be prepared for future tasks and positions based on individually tailored development plans. Thus, the process generates a qualified talent pipeline for future leadership tasks.

“Foundations of Leadership”
This ten days training program offers essential management tools for leaders. It deals with the personal leadership style and the individual strengths and tendencies. Thanks to coaching elements, learning foci can be individualized in order to satisfy the different strengths and areas for improvement of the participants. It was already in 2002 when “Foundations of Leadership” won the silver medal of the “International German Trainings Award” which externally confirmed the quality of our trainings. Since then, we continuously improved “FOL” so that it has become a strong brand within our company meanwhile.
Leaders at Parker
Specialist Development at Parker
A lot of strategic positions at Parker are filled by highly qualified employees without leadership tasks. These experts are indispensable for the success of our business.

There are a variety of development activities that we offer to our specialists in order to advance on the professional as well as the personal level:

  •  trainings for the development of professional, methodic and personal competencies
  •  coaching by professional internal an external coaches
  •  mentoring by experienced Parker employees
  •  a worldwide international exchange program
  •  new forms of learning like “collegial counseling”

Moreover, we offer the trainings course “Lateral leadership – Leading without managerial authority”. The program is targeting employees who regularly have to convince others to “follow” them.

Lateral leadership – Leading without managerial authority
The target group of this program does not only consist of project managers, but instead of all those employees who have to cooperate with a high number of different stakeholders in the company: This might be e. g. our product managers who have to, amongst others, deal with the management team, marketing, engineering, quality management, customer service and the customers themselves. “Lateral leadership” is similarly comprehensive to the leadership development program, which emphasizes explicitly that the qualification of our specialists is very important to us. Alongside the learning and practicing of tools to productively influence others, you also get the opportunity to intensely explore your strengths and areas for improvement so that you get to know how to be aware of and deal with them.

We started “Lateral leadership” in 2009 and it is well on the way to becoming a further brand within Parker.
Specialist Development at Parker
We do not only fill a vacancy when welcoming a new employee. Instead, we focus on the development potential of each individual. The success of this philosophy is underlined by the numerous examples within Parker. The following four career paths are exemplary for how career can work at Parker.

It has been exciting years with a lot of multi-faceted tasks and unique opportunities for Siegfried Geisler, who joined Parker around 25 years ago. He knew Parker from “daily reports“ of one of his neighbors, who told him about his job. This led Siegfried to the idea of applying for an apprenticeship as cutting machine operator. After having finished the apprenticeship, his first job within Parker was as a machine setter. It was already at that time that he wanted to become an engineer.
Rebecca Hammes joined Parker as a graduate trainee. It is already today that she can look back onto an impressive career. After having finished her Masters in Great Britain Rebecca knew exactly what she wanted to do professionally: controlling, ideally in a manufacturing company. Right from the beginning, she was convinced that her ideal starting position would be a trainee scheme.
Bernd Hoffmann’s career shows that at Parker, you are not tied to the “one and only” career path, but that you can develop across functions and divisions. Before Bernd came to Parker, he was already working as a technician for a couple of years, at last in technical customer support, so he knew Parker only by the products. Bernd joined Parker 13 years ago when he started in the Sales department. Through the exchange with his colleagues, he got to know the company better and better.


"Their consulting truly took our business to the next level" - John D. Megasystems