Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Poland Sp. z o.o.

Established in 2004, Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Poland Sp. z o.o is responsible for manufacturing operations. The company operates in two locations in Poland: in Siechnice and in Wrocław. The company employs a total of about 450 staff.


Declaration of values

The pillars of Parker Hannifin are deep-rooted values ​​of integrity, respect for employees and customers, ethical conduct and continuous learning and improvement of the results. Our company grew out of the tradition of honesty in business relationships and excellent customer service, which we are constantly developing, while listening to the needs of partners and associates. While remaining sensitive to the expectations of our customers and the communities in which we operate and supporting the initiatives of our teams, we are shaping a friendly working environment. We are trying to raise the standards of living through responsible management on a global scale. We are deeply convinced that the observance of these basic principles is the guarantor of prosperity and further successes of Parker Hannifin.

Our belief in the rightness of the path that our company has been continuously following for nearly 100 years is what unites our team. Our employees, engaged and involved in shaping of the company are the foundation for our strategy of victory and our best showcase. We provide them the opportunity to broaden their skills and express opinions, as we believe that they represent our most valuable asset and the company's future. We honor our employees, promoting diversity, while preserving the openness and honesty in our mutual relations as well as building the environment of cooperation and integration. In Parker, everybody is treated with dignity and respect.

We appreciate the effects of joint efforts and are convinced that individual success would not be possible without the commitment of all team members. We believe that the source of our strength are the relationships that we build with each other, customers and local communities. We build them on the basis of ethical standards far exceeding any legal requirements. Our reputation of the company operating in ethical manner and being a reliable business partner is especially important to us. Every day around the world our every employee has the opportunity to influence the reputation of the organization, so we are all obliged to shape the culture of respect, tolerance and trust in the workplace.

Corporate social responsibility

We are proud of the contribution that Parker brings in terms of economic and social development of the areas in which we operate. We support all of our employees in their active engagement in the activities helping local communities by sponsoring and participation in charity activities and other initiatives, contributing to their development and improvement of the life quality. We encourage and support our employees and their families in any activities for health and raising of their life quality e.g. by providing the opportunity to use sports facilities or by sponsoring and cheering for corporate sports teams. The company's commitment is not limited to proceeding in compliance with the provisions of law, but it is aimed at the implementation of good environmental practices, minimizing or eliminating waste production, endeavouring to protect natural resources and to raise the standards in the area of health and safety at work around the world.


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Recruitment in each of the Parker Hannifin companies starts with the selection of CV. Then, the employees of HR Deprtment contact selected candidates to conduct an initial interview over the phone. Those persons who successfully pass this stage are invited to a meeting at the company's headquarters, during which the following is verfied: knowledge, skills and personality traits. People taking part in the interview include a head of the department concerned with the recruitment and a representative of the HR department.

We provide any person who took part in the recruitment meeting with feedback and possibly the details of further process, which depends on the specificity of the requirements regarding the position. The fact that we put emphasis on the verification of both substancial professional and social competence in the recruitment process allows us to hire employees who, together with us, form the organization based on cooperation, sharing of experience and knowledge, supporting and motivating for continuous development.


Katarzyna stared work with Parker Hannifin Sales Poland in 2002 at the position of an Imports Assistant. Then she held the position of a Specialist, Coordinator and Head of the Customer Service Department. Since 2016 she has been holding the position of the Customer Service Department Manager.
Ewa was one of the first employees of the newly emerging Centrum Usług Wspólnych [Shared Services Center] in 2013. Already at the beginning of her career as a Junior Accountant she had the opportunity to participate in the transition followed by her promotion to the position of the Accountant for Liabilities. After nearly 2.5 years of work for Parker Hannifin ESSC, she took part in the internal recruitment process and moved to the production plant in Siechnice where she overtook the position of the Specialist for accounting and controlling.
He has been working for Parker since November 2010. For four years he was a Specialist for production planning in the production plant in Siechnice. In 2014, he took part in internal recruitment in the newly established unit in Wroclaw for the position of the Leader of logistics, planning and warehouse management, which he won. In May 2015, he became the Leader of the value stream.


The induction program in Parker Hannifin

We realize that the first days in a new job can be very stressful, so we make every effort to prepare our employees and make them familiar with the company. We organize initial training with the particiation of our current employees, since they know best what they felt being in the same situation before. As a result, from the beginning we create an atmosphere in which it is much easier and faster to build positive relationships. We would like to jointly create a place where each of us and you would like to work.

We have prepared a comprehensive induction program during which we present the structure of the company and the representatives of various departments talk about the principles in force and show what their job is. An important part of the induction program is also the introduction and welcoming of new employees by the Director of the company and the management team. During the initial training, newly recruited employees are equipped in the tools and knowledge necessary to perform their assigned tasks. Parker Hannifin ensures a consistent organizational culture that promotes and draws on the diversity, mutual respect and support. An important element for the company are ethical values and the company ensures that all employees are familiar with them and follow them. One of the elements of the induction process is training on the ethics which explains the subject to new employees.
We make sure that every employee that starts work can count on help and advice, therefore new people are assigned with a mentor who accompanies them during the initial weeks of work. Supporting the development of employees from the beginning of their adventure in Parker Hannifin as well as via individual and sincere approach, we build a place of work that combines professionalism with a human, friendly approach, where everyone may develop their knowledge, use possessed talents and find their soul mate.


Parker, in the interest of our employees, provides a wide range of benefits that are adjusted to individual needs, so depending on the location and specifics of its operation there is a variety of benefits to choose from.


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