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Graduate Opportunities at Parker

Choosing the right graduate programme when you leave university is a big decision.

Parker graduates come from very different disciplines, and with very different passions and talents.  If you are keen to make the most of your potential, here are five good reasons why you should apply to Parker's graduate recruitment programme.

1. Hard work

Parker graduate projects are very hands-on, so you must be prepared to put the effort in; we don't do standard placements or encourage you to major on tea-making and filing.  You might help us develop a product pre-launch, get involved in marketing, make a prototype, review systems...wherever you end up, expect to work hard and learn a great deal from the experience.


2. Great support

Join Parker, and you'll get tailored, practical training and support.  We'll assign you a mentor, who will help you review your skill set and areas that need developing throughout your placement.  We'll encourage you to tell us your interests and the type of project that will get you excited and make the most of your contribution.  You'll also get the chance to network with other graduates in the Parker family, learning from peers' experiences and sharing stories and ideas.


3. Travel opportunities

Many Parker graduate trainees get the chance to travel and learn about life in other cultures; it's a great opportunity to broaden your horizons, learn a new language and test your skills in a completely different environment.  Recent graduates have completed projects in Sweden, Germany, Norway and Finland.


4. Job opportunities

Our work in 50 countries also means there are plenty of varied careers to choose from. If you have a talent for engineering, human resources (HR), finance or information technology (IT), we can provide the right opportunities, surroundings and colleagues to help you develop.


5. Professional development

This could take on the form of formal training in topics like presentation, leadership and time-management skills; it might mean industry-specific courses for IT, HR, engineering or finance professionals; or it could be access to talented managers and experts who can show you the ropes. Whatever you need, trust Parker to help you get the right support to build your knowledge and career.

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