The Pillars of Industrial Motion Control

Parker leverages decades of hydraulic, pneumatic and electromechanical expertise to supply machine manufacturers and other industrial customers with integrated and hybrid solutions optimized to the application at hand, rather than constrained by the limitations of a single technology.

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Advancing Machine Design

Manufacturing equipment designers for the automotive, food and beverage, metals and rubber and plastics industries rely on Parker's highly-engineered pneumatic, hydraulic and electromechanical solutions to meet the difficult predictability, repeatability, power density and precision-control challenges typical of industrial applications and environments.

Markets Served

AUTOMOTIVE: Challenged by the need to increase fuel efficiency and vehicle performance while decreasing fuel and evaporative emissions, automotive industry suppliers can count on Parker's innovation and technological and manufacturing insight to help them meet these goals with precision-engineered components, assemblies and systems for countless applications.
FOOD & PACKAGING: Preserving food safety and utilizing more flexible, differentiated and easily shipped packaging are key in today's food and packaging industries. Parker's modular products and systems for packaging machinery contribute to food safety by reducing the risk of contamination and can accommodate many packaging types, minimizing the need for line reconfiguration, reducing downtime and increasing throughput.
METALS: Confronted with the dual need for greater productivity and profitability, metals industry customers rely on Parker's engineering excellence and world-class manufacturing to help them increase efficiency and improve ROI (return on investment) via an unparalleled array of off-the-shelf and customized hydraulic, pneumatic, and electromechanical systems and components for standard and unique applications.
RUBBER & PLASTICS: Parker helps a wide range of equipment manufacturers and producers with an array of highly engineered and standard-compliant rubber, plastic and polymer seal, sealant and hose offerings for aggressive fluid and extreme-temperature and pressure applications.

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Machine building is critical to countless industrial applications, from metals processing and semiconductor manufacturing to food packaging and auto making. Customers continuously explore new ways to increase productivity, improve fuel efficiency and safety and withstand extreme temperatures. Learn more about Parker's solutions for industrial manufacturing equipment.
Parker's SensoNODE™ Sensors and Voice of the Machine™ Software are IoT-empowered solutions that create new, advanced condition monitoring possibilities to reduce downtime and decrease maintenance costs, helping companies maintain production and improve efficiency.
Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Solutions
Parker combines its variable frequency drive and pump controlling algorithms into the Drive Controlled Pump (DCP) offering a solution that allows hydraulic powered machinery to operate more efficiently, quietly, and cooler.
Drive Controlled Pumps from Parker
Parker offers hydraulic solutions for production cell machinery including high pressure die casting and trimming presses.
High Pressure Die Casting & Trimming Presses
Parker's engineered hydraulic solutions help companies maximize machine performance, eliminate downtime, improve energy efficiency, provide faster cycle times, reduce noise and heat while containing cost and improving their bottom line.
Industrial Hydraulics from Parker Hannifin
Parker Tracking System (PTS) is an innovative component-tagging and asset management solution offered through Parker and its business partners in over 50 countries worldwide, helping companies reach new levels of productivity, efficiency, and reliability.
Parker Tracking System
Parker's seal products range from standard O-rings and extruded silicone profiles, custom molded shapes to highly complex composite seals, and metal seals for extreme application environments.
Sealing & Shielding Capabilities Guide
The market for tire curing presses is highly competitive and poses major challenges for manufacturers. Innovative solutions such as Parker's tire curing press manifold series RP offer a significant technological edge and competitive advantages.
Tire Curing Press Manifold with Safety Features

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This paper takes a closer look at generating nitrogen gas through an in-house system as a sustainable, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient approach to providing pure, clean, dry nitrogen gas.
A Sustainable Approach to the Supply of Nitrogen
This paper discusses Drive Controlled Pump (DCP) technology and how it provides a synergistic approach, successfully integrating hydraulic power units, electronic drives, electric motors and hydraulic pumps to meet local load demand within a hydraulic system.
Drive Controlled Pump Solutions
This paper discusses different control architectures (PLCs, PCs, and PACs), outlining helpful questions designers can ask to quickly identify which control scheme will be best for their application.
When the Lines in Motion Control Become Blurred
The first key point for any manufacturer in terms of cost optimization is determining what they will do themselves versus what they will partner with others to do for them. This paper looks at six key questions companies need to ask and have answered before selecting a motion control partner for their project.
Choosing Your  Next Motion Supplier


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