Harnessing the Wind: Onshore and Offshore

Parker has been on the forefront of wind power for over two decades with solutions that touch virtually every critical function in the turbine.

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In this informative webinar, Tom Ulery, Business Development Wind Energy North America with Parker Hannifin Corporation, will discuss the key technical and economic benefits of Parker Hannifin’s ACP crimped piston style accumulator. 

Specific topics will include:
  • The effects of high permeation rates on brake system failures
  • Reducing downtime due to gradual vs. instantaneous failure
  • ROI for utilization of ACP piston accumulators vs diaphragm type

Attendees can ask questions during the Q&A session of the webinar. This session is ideal for Wind Farm Asset Owners, Plant and O&M Managers, Wind Turbine OEMs, and EPC & AE Consultants.

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Join Parker for this webinar on Increasting safety and longevity of wind turbines using piston style accumulators on brake systems

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Increasing global energy needs are driving demand for reliable, cost-effective and smart solutions that provide uninterrupted service with minimal environmental impact. Parker's engineering leadership and worldwide service and support network enable it to offer industry partners with the highest possible quality for the most efficient performance.

Parker meets global industry standards for its products and technology

Driving Advancements in Technology

BIOGAS & LANDFILL: Parker's portfolio of proven heat transfer technologies is ideal for harnessing energy from biogas and biomass production processes.
COAL, OIL & GAS-FIRED BOILERS: Parker specifically designs solutions to withstand the high temperatures and aggressive media of fuel turbines used in power generation, chemical processing, and oil and gas production.
RECIP ENGINE & TURBINE DRIVEN COMPRESSORS (Diesel or Natural Gas): Parker provides filtration, ventilation, fuel and water cooling systems that meet international emissions standards.
SOLAR: Parker advanced solar solutions include megawatt scale solar inverters and hydraulic motion systems, as well as engineered sealing solutions, thermal management solutions, and the most complete line of fluid connectors in the world.
STEAM & GAS - SIMPLE AND COMBINED CYLCE: Parker offers unmatched reliability and consistent performance for steam and gas solutions. From air, fuel and water systems to generators, hydraulics and instrumentation applications.
TRANSMISSION & DISTRIBUTION: Parker offers products and systems in refrigeration and air conditioning, mobile air conditioning and fluid control used in for substation controls.
WATER ENERGY: Parker offers a wide range of motion and control systems and components to harness the energy and power of water.
WIND: Parker has the solutions that make today’s advanced and sophisticated wind power plants better and smarter.

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