Reliable Solutions for HVAC and Refrigeration

Air conditioning and refrigeration manufacturers, service providers and customers benefit from Parker’s long experience and broad offering of original and near drop-in replacement products to minimize downtime in food, facility and transportation climate-control equipment.

Keeping Climate Control Systems Up and Running

Parker offers commercial, automotive and residential air conditioning and refrigerant equipment manufacturers and technicians a wide selection of robust solutions for industrial, transport, food retail and similar environments where dependable, precision cooling is necessary. Its industry-standard, form-, fit- and function-qualified controls, controllers, filter-driers, valves and other systems and components are ideal for both OEM or field-replacement applications.

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Parker installed advanced membrane separation technology for a high precision slitting company, which removed moisture from the compressed air system, eliminated downtime due to rust, and saved the customer significant money.
Air Preparation for High Precision Manufacturing
Parker's SensoNODETM Sensors and Voice of the Machine™ Software are IoT-empowered solutions that create new, advanced condition monitoring possibilities to reduce downtime and decrease maintenance costs, helping companies maintain production and improve efficiency.
Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Solutions
Parker Tracking System (PTS) is an innovative component-tagging and asset management solution offered through Parker and its business partners in over 50 countries worldwide, helping companies reach new levels of productivity, efficiency, and reliability.
Parker® Tracking System
Parker's seal products range from standard O-rings and extruded silicone profiles, custom molded shapes to highly complex composite seals, and metal seals for extreme application environments.
Sealing & Shielding Capabilities Guide
Wireless, easy-to-install, compact SensoNODE sensors plug into the existing ports of equipment and allow companies to get measurements and perform diagnostics while the equipment is operating.
SensoNODE™ Blue Sensors and Voice of the Machine

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This paper takes a closer look at generating nitrogen gas through an in-house system as a sustainable, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient approach to providing pure, clean, dry nitrogen gas.
A Sustainable Approach to the Supply of Nitrogen
The first key point for any manufacturer in terms of cost optimization is determining what they will do themselves versus what they will partner with others to do for them. This paper looks at six key questions companies need to ask and have answered before selecting a motion control partner for their project.
Choosing Your Next Motion Supplier
This guide outlines and details ten essential steps to help companies ensure their instrumentation tube and fittings system is as safe as possible.
10 Steps to Cost Effective Systems Installation


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