Track and Manage Assets with Ease with PTS from Parker

Track and Manage Assets with Ease

Managing equipment or machinery maintenance can be a challenge for even the most capable and well-resourced organization. With PTS, experience a complete asset tracking and management solution tailored to the needs of your business. The goal is to drive efficiency and reduce unwanted service disruptions.

Our desktop application is accessible anywhere and can be used on one or many devices at your site. Record and manage equipment parts with exact specifics and retrieve critical product information.

PTS Features

Asset Location
Establish detailed asset location data for fast, and easy, replacement.
Asset Inspection
Collecting and storing customizable asset inspection data for easy retrieval.
Scheduled Events
Easily schedule and manage future inspection and replacement dates.
Asset Genealogy
Capture and analyze asset replacement and service history for continuous improvement.
Transfer Records
Seamlessly transfer record visibility between multiple PTS accounts.
Export Details
Quickly export customizable asset reports into Microsoft Excel.
Create professional PDF reports containing asset details, service history and attached files.
Email Notifications
Receive personal Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) email notifications.

Business System Integration

PTS has been engineered specifically with manufacturing and maintenance operations in mind. Our software offers the unique ability to move asset records between accounts or create "Affiliate" relationships between users.

Parker recognizes that a specific product or asset may be manufactured by one company and serviced or maintained by another. Sometimes these activities are separated by oceans and times zones. This doesn’t mean that digital documentation should not be shared between these two organizations.

Global Service Partner

Parker employs a team of dedicated support staff worldwide to making installing PTS fast and easy. Through more than 13,000 service partners and OEMs, Parker works with you to provide advanced, on-site audit and maintenance planning services.

  • On-site asset identification and tagging
  • Inspection, maintenance and replacement
  • Site or computer-based training program

Contact Us

Parker's product support team can provide assistance with selecting, purchasing and deploying the right PTS product for your application. Use our contact form to get started, and tell us a little about your needs.