How does licensing work?
PTS is available at no annual fee for customers and partners of Parker. To request an account you will need to fill out an account form. You can also create a guest account directly in the PTS Mobile App. Follow these links to download PTS Mobile for your device - App Store Google Play

What product types does PTS support?
PTS can be used with nearly any industrial product from Parker or other manufacturers. In certain cases, the product (from Parker) may already be supplied with a PTS ID, meaning it is ready to be scanned and added to your account. Otherwise, you can purchase labels and printers that would allow you to add PTS tagging and management capabilities to any existing product.

Can I use PTS if I have multiple locations?
Yes. PTS has been uniquely configured to work with both single and multi-site customers. Your account can be configured to either “combine” asset views or separate them by location or other values based on security needs. There are no limits to the number of sites that can be associated and there are no limits based on geography or language.

Will PTS integrate with other business systems?
Yes. PTS employs an open system architecture that allows for data to be migrated either in or out of our platform. We use modern API’s and XML to support the reliable transmission of data either in batch format or in real time. One of our technical associates can provide additional information if necessary.

Can you recommend a local partner to assist in setting up an asset management solution?
Yes. Parker has channel partners globally who can assist you with a comprehensive list of services designed to deliver improved asset management. Distributors can also offer product delivery, VMI, installation or service and removal of many of the products we sell. PTS would serve as the tool to plan and record those scheduled activities.

Is PTS available from my local Parker Distributor?
Yes. Many Parker distributors worldwide can offer local support for both the PTS software application, label media or can offer the actual product management services.

What hardware is required to use PTS?
PTS hardware generally consists of thermal printers available from Zebra and scanning devices from Motorola and others. We are proud of the fact that we do not rely on expensive or proprietary equipment to use PTS. We are happy to provide you with a preferred global partner or you may choose to purchase your hardware from your own local vendor. Our team will provide technical requirements and even models numbers to make the process easy and trouble free.

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