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Parker Launches New Taiyo Grease Suction Unit GVC-UN

Des Plaines, Ill., March 8, 2019 – The Cylinder Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, recently launched the new Taiyo Grease Suction Unit GVC-UN series for industrial automation robotic welder maintenance.


The Taiyo GVC-UN is an automated grease suction unit that eliminates time and maintenance when compared to other manual grease suction units. This new greasing unit draws degraded grease from the robot’s decelerator and it at the same time, allowing for an increase extraction of degraded grease by 40 percent. 


“Our experience after working many years in factories and automation is that customers are spending thousands of dollars replacing gears on their robotic welders or even the complete unit,” said Kazu Yamashita, Sales Manager at Parker’s Taiyo Business Unit. “The Taiyo GVC-UN is our answer to lowering customers’ maintenance costs and improving the life of their robotic welders.


The current method of grease replacement involves injecting the new grease using a grease gun or grease pump from the inlet port enabling the old grease to discharge out through the exhaust port. However, the new grease creates a sticky path especially near the gears of the robot’s decelerator causing the old grease to remain on the gears and not discharge. Due to this, about only 10 percent of old grease is replaced.


The Taiyo Grease Suction Unit grease replacement involves supplying air pressure from the exhaust port while sucking out the old grease thus resulting in larger amounts of grease replacement as compared to the existing method.  With the 40 percent improved draw of old grease, grease replacement becomes more efficient, minimizing gear wear and potentially stopping future line emergency shut down.


Additional benefits include the exclusive use of air supply to enable the suction mechanism, eliminating the need for electricity/power usage and its compact design and portability which allows for easy movement throughout the factory for maintenance on multiple robotic welders.


To learn more about the Taiyo GVC-UN Grease Unit, link into the Taiyo Grease Unit Catalog.






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