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Parker Launches New Taiyo Compact Hydraulic Cylinder

Des Plaines, Ill., February 5, 2019 - The Cylinder Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, recently launched an updated Taiyo America compact hydraulic cylinder, U160S / U100S replacing previous series U160S-1 / U100S-1.


The updated series offers enhanced sealing technology and a new optional pilot gland. Taiyo America’s U160S / U100S compact hydraulic cylinders incorporate a new polyurethane rod seal with multiple sealing edges that is self-compensating and self-relieving to withstand pressure variations and conform to mechanical deflection that may occur. The polyurethane material offers more wear resistance against contaminants that enter the system and improves seal life for longevity of the cylinder.


Along with the new rod seal a polyurethane secondary rod wiper seal is part of the standard sealing package.  The rod seal wiper cleans any oil film adhering to the rod on the extend stroke and cleans the rod on the return stroke – keeping contaminants out of the cylinder and residual oil off the rod before it exits the cylinder improving environmental cleanliness.


“The new U100S / U160S series gives customers new sealing technology and features that will improve cylinder performance, life and efficiency,” said Kazu Yamashita, Parker Taiyo sales manager for North America.  “In working with customers within the in automotive, die casting and industrial applications, we understand the need for continued uptime and productivity, we feel the new U100S / U160S is Taiyo America’s commitment to meeting these customer needs.”


Other sealing enhancements include a non-metallic piston wear band, which improves resistance to bearing loads and provides support for the magnet and helps protect the primary hydraulic seal by reducing the chance of the piston contacting the body.  The new bi-directional piston seal is a polyurethane seal ring with energizer that provides leak-free performance. 


An additional feature is the new optional pilot gland which gives added bearing area for increased strength and improved service life.  Additionally, it improves alignment of cylinder and load, as well as minimizing side load. 





With the release of the new series, Parker is also pleased to announce a 5-Day shipping program on all standard U100S / U160S compact cylinder series.  The 5-Day shipping program includes all types of bore sizes, piston types, piston rod end styles and ports excluding stainless steel piston rod and air bleeds.


To learn more about the new Taiyo U100S / U160S series updates go to Taiyo U160S / U100S Catalog  


About the Parker Cylinder Division and Taiyo America

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Taiyo America is a part of the Parker Cylinder Division that supplies a wide range of hydraulic, pneumatic, electro-mechanical and detecting equipment to serve a wide range of applications and markets in the North American market.  Along with a broad actuation portfolio, Taiyo America provides a variety of support to include maintenance, product information and custom actuators.



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