Hydraulic Systems Division

Parker offers innovative solutions for forward-looking servicing and maintenance

Etoy, April 25, 2014 - Because of high capital investment in machinery, facilities and mobile hydraulics, professional service and maintenance are of great importance for all industrial businesses. And expensive plant must work trouble-free and downtime be eliminated. To this end, Parker’s SensoControl® Business Department offers maintenance personnel intelligent help to achieve forward-looking servicing and control of the actual measuring equipment.


Very early on, Parker recognised the importance of intelligent maintenance and servicing and in the eighties created the SensoControl® Business Department where the appropriate tools for the concept were developed. One of the first products to be developed was the Parker Serviceman, which has now experienced a technical upgrade via the new Parker Serviceman Plus. The Serviceman Plus is a mobile, very robust and easy-to-operate device for a multitude of measurement tasks in mobile hydraulics and stationary hydraulic installations. Amongst its important features, this handy product has automatic sensor recognition and a novel memory concept using a nano USB memory stick. This allows pressure, temperature, flow and revolutions sensors to be simply plugged in and for measuring to start immediately. With this new device the user can choose between analogue and CAN-Bus versions. The latest variant allows high line lengths of up to 50 m. The wiring expense is low because up to 3 sensors can be connected to a single bus line. Thanks to digital data transmission, the Serviceman Plus works reassuringly safely and the plug-and-play functions are rapidly applicable without appreciable parameterising effort.


As an addition, Parker now also offers the SCT temperature sensor which can be connected to the Serviceman Plus. This product was also created with the idea of guaranteeing the safety and performance of industrial units. Temperature measurements in hydraulic systems can be undertaken with this high pressure-proof sensor. These investigations act as fault-finders and can thus prevent damage to critical components such as pumps or proportional valves, which come about through excessively high temperatures. SCT temperature sensors are available in an analogue version and the user can choose here between screw-in and probe types.  Whilst the analogue variant makes temperature measurements up to 1000 °C possible, temperatures up to 150 °C can be captured by the CAN version of the SCT sensor.  A measuring accuracy of ± 0.66% and the Speedcon© quick plug screw connector are outstanding features of the CAN type.


Sensors that work reliably are good but do these components also deliver accurate and precise results? The new Parker ServiceJunior Test Kit gives the most emphatic of answers precisely to this question. The Kit is used for testing and validating pressure gauges, pressure sensors and switches. It consists of a mobile pressure pump and a reference, the Parker ServiceJunior. Also available is a pneumatic hand pump for pressure ranges of -0.95 to 60 bar, as well as a hydraulic version with a test range of 0 to 700 bar The extremely accurate Parker ServiceJunior serves as the reference (0.25% or 0.1% FS). The reference and the test specimen are brought to the desired test pressure and can be compared simply one with the other. This new set enables the user to gain higher measuring accuracy through validated pressure sensors and displays. Time-consuming testing at the manufacturer is unnecessary because measurement can be quickly and simply undertaken in the field. This kit has been specially developed for applications in assembly, commissioning, manufacture, maintenance, service, quality assurance, inspection equipment monitoring and repair.  With these three measurement devices Parker has achieved a balancing act between simple operation and maximum measuring accuracy – all to the advantage of the user.


Parker’s products such as the ServicemanPlus, SensoControl®temperature sensor and its ServiceJunior Test-Kit are also available through their partners Reischel Hydraulik GmbH,  Rain and Girmatic AG, Romanshorn as well as Tecalto AG, Zurich.


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