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Safety and precision of Parker’s brushless servo motors and drives demonstrated in radiographic tilting table

Drive solution enables wide range of motion for CAT Medical Systems’ Helios DRF table

Littlehampton, UK, 15. August 2017 - Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies has gained new business which highlights the benefits of using the company’s SMB low-inertia brushless servo motors and SLVD-N servo drives for the safe and smooth movement of medical patients.


Italian-based firm CAT Medical Systems used the solution in the design and manufacture of the Helios DRF, fully remote-controlled radiographic tilting table. Each movement of the Helios DRF was engineered to facilitate optimal operator use, to ensure maximum patient safety and to prevent extraneous patient movement during radiography.


Each Helios DRF machine is equipped with six Parker SMB low-inertia brushless servo motors ranging from 3 to 10 Nm, with four of the motors equipped with a holding brake for additional safety. These high-performance motors feature ‘Salient Pole’ technology, with Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets uniquely encapsulated to the motor shaft.


In addition, six SLVD-N servo drives ranging from 5 to 10 A receive command signals from the controller, amplify the signals and transmit current to the servo motors to produce the precise range of motion, torque and positioning required.


“Parker has supported the customer along all the development phases, from the engineering stage to the set-up of the first machines,” said Michelangelo Matullo, Automation Account Manager Central South Italy at Parker Hannifin Italy. “An important parameter for the customer has been the reliability and movement repeatability of Parker products in comparison to previous solutions.”


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