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Parker set to showcase THM Analysers at Water, Wastewater & Environmental Monitoring (WWEM) exhibition. Stand 76.

Barnstaple, UK, 6th October 2016 – Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, is set to present two innovative THM (Trihalomethane) analysers at the Water, Wastewater & Environmental Monitoring (WWEM) exhibition in Telford, UK 2-3 November.

This includes the Parker Portable THM (Trihalomethane) Analyser and the On-Line THM Analyzer.  At WWEM, Parker will be exhibiting alongside its UK distributor, KC Controls, on stand 76.

The Parker THM Analysers enable accurate monitoring of water quality, without the need for manual sampling, laboratories or use of reagents.  As drinking water treatment plants and water distribution facilities routinely monitor THMs and are required to maintain levels below 80 ppb (US) and 100 ppb (UK), the Parker THM Analysers offer a cost-effective approach to ensuring public water safety.

Both models feature an integrated Purge-and-Trap system connected to a Gas Chromatograph (GC) that provides a completely self-contained solution for highly effective measurement and analysis of THM concentration levels.

Graham Johnson, Product Manager – Instrumentation Products Division Europe (IPDE) said: “The THM Analysers’ ability to measure Trihalomethanes continuously without sample preparation provides the drinking water industry with immediate access to critical disinfection by-product information that would generally take days or weeks for outside laboratories to provide.  We are very excited to be launching this technology at Waste and Wastewater Treatment, which has huge implications for enhancing the safety of public drinking water.”

The On-Line version provides real-time sampling for water quality optimisation through use of a fully automated, SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) interfaceable analyser, which facilitates remote operation and data trending capabilities. Through SCADA integration, the operator can determine when and how often analysis is performed, providing automated on-line sampling. The Parker On-Line THM Analyser has been designed for high-precision, high-accuracy measurement of THMs, offering a full complement of calibration and quantification routines.

The On-Line THM Analyzer features a small NEMA 4X enclosure, which allows for installation flexibility.  The On-Line THM Analyzer offers a programmable sample start time, which means no operator interaction is required.

The recommended ambient environment for the On-Line THM Analyzer is 5-40°C (41-104°F). Factory calibration is set at up to 80 ppb for each THM compound. It has a universal AC input, 24 VDC internal. The carrier gas is UHP grade nitrogen (up to 4,000 cycles from a single 300 cubic foot high pressure cylinder (DOT 3AA2400).

The Portable THM Analyser is capable of analysing samples in less than 30 minutes, with no reagents or sample preparation.  This eliminates expensive and time consuming off-site laboratory analysis.  The analyser enables rapid operator feedback, allowing for immediate process adjustment.  It offers fast and simple operation, with all-in-one sample purging, component separation and data analysis.  This allows operators to optimise treatment, identify/resolve water age issues, amend flushing to save water and monitor water storage tanks, which helps to enhance water quality. This gives operators greater confidence they can make valuable process decisions without waiting for off-site lab data.

The Portable THM Analyser has a recommended ambient environment of 25 +/- 5°C (77+/- 41°F). Factory calibration range is 2 to 80 ppb for each THM compound. The portable version weighs 17 lbs and has a universal AC input, 24 VDC internal power supply. The carrier gas is UHP grade helium.

Visitors to Water, Wastewater & Environmental Monitoring exhibition in Telford, UK 2-3 November can view both versions of the THM Analysers and discuss their individual merits with the Parker team.

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