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Parker Bioscience Filtration Division expands capabilities by partnering with Agidens Process Automation

Birtley, County Durham, UK. 20. February 2018 - Parker Bioscience Filtration Division (formerly Parker domnick hunter), a division of Parker Hannifin – the world's leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems, has announced the formation of a new partnership with Belgium-based company, Agidens Process Automation.


The new partnership combines more than 50 years’ of brewing filtration experience and industry-leading products from Parker Bioscience Filtration Division, with Agidens’ detailed knowledge and experience of brewing processes and automation. The global brewing industry will now be able to access systems which integrate Parker Bioscience Filtration Division’s microfiltration solutions with Agidens’ automated processing technology.


Parker Bioscience Filtration Division provides filtration solutions for the global food and beverage industry. It has specialist expertise in the brewing, bottled water, wine and dairy industries, and supports companies in improving process control, efficiency and security throughout their production and packaging processes.


Automation and process engineering company Agidens has offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, and Switzerland, and is active in the food & beverage, tank terminals, fine chemicals, life sciences, and infrastructure sectors.


Parker Bioscience Filtration Division has developed cutting-edge technology for use in cold stabilisation – the sterile filtration of beer to remove any spoilage microorganisms before it is packaged. In conjunction with Agidens Process Automation, it is now offering a platform of sterile filtration modules to suit a range of beer flow capacities and specifications, as a more efficient alternative to pasteurisation. The modules are designed to provide brewers with more control over beer quality than pasteurisation offers, coupled with lower production costs. The partnership will also deliver trap filtration and water filtration solutions.


Commenting on the new partnership, Daniel Vecsey, market development manager - food & beverage processing at Parker Bioscience Filtration Division, said: “Both companies recognise that the ever-evolving brewing industry is going through an exciting period of change. With energy and water costs set to increase in most nations, brewers are being driven to implement process efficiency improvements to remain sustainable.”


“One area of brewing which is a perfect candidate for process efficiency improvements is the utility hungry process of final microbial stabilisation,” Vecsey continued. “Traditionally, most breweries have relied upon pasteurisation techniques to kill spoilage organisms and produce market stable beer; however, this process can be costly to operate and can lead to a deterioration in beer quality. Through recent developments in filtration technology, sterile filtration is now the optimum process to achieve microbiologically stable beer and to protect beer quality at the lowest operational cost.”


Danny Smets, business development manager food & beverage at Agidens Process Automation added: “The combination of Parker Bioscience Filtration Division’s knowledge on filtration and Agidens’ extensive experience in the design, development, construction, automation, total integration and service of these systems into a new or existing brewery, makes this partnership the perfect choice for a brewer.”


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Parker Bioscience Filtration Division in the Food and Beverage Industry
Parker Bioscience Filtration Division has five decades of experience in working with the international food & beverage sector and offers a wide range of filtration solutions. It has the expertise to work with customers to help them achieve new levels of process control, efficiency and security throughout their production, storage, and packaging processes.

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About Agidens Process Automation
Agidens is an automation and engineering company with headquarters in Belgium. Agidens is active in 5 key markets: food and beverage, tank terminals, (fine) chemicals, life sciences and infrastructure, with offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Switzerland. Agidens brings advancement by creating solutions that increase efficiency, quality, safety and reliability. Agidens offers advice and engineering, automated solutions, and maintenance and service support. For more information, visit


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