Parker rotary fittings extend the service life of hydraulic systems

Kaarst, Germany, 7 November 2019 - Parker Hannifin, leading provider of drive and control technologies, has developed its Heavy Duty 360° products as a new series of rotary fittings specially designed for use under challenging conditions.


Standard rotary fittings are used to connect a fixed point with an oscillating, rotating, or moving machine component via a hose. More and more users are dealing with rough terrain, hard climatic conditions, and poor infrastructure in some cases. In addition, they have higher demands for flow capacity, temperature resistance, and general operating conditions.


This makes a new standard necessary.


Parker has developed the “Heavy Duty 360°” series for such difficult conditions as a new, rugged version of rotary fitting. The combination of our proven and reliable ball bearing with a new design and seal concept results in significant improvements in pressure, temperature and corrosion resistance. In addition, durability and flow properties have also been optimized.


Heavy Duty 360° fittings work at a rated pressure of 420 bar. The new seal unit is specially designed to provide continuous, reliable sealing performance in combination with suitability for use at low temperatures. This ensures that the rotary fitting itself will function with ambient and medium temperatures between -40°C and 95°C.


The tilt has been reduced thanks to the new design, protecting all of the interior components – and in particular preventing the extrusion of sealing elements. The new construction and reduced frictional resistance showed very good durability for all components without notable wear at 420 bar rated pressure in final acceptance testing. The new design replaces Parker’s previous portfolio of rotary fittings (DG101, DG102, etc.). The dimensions of the old and new standard are the same, so that they can easily be exchanged in their current applications. Our portfolio of plain bearing rotary fittings will remain unchanged (DVGE, DVWE).


About Parker Hannifin
Parker Hannifin is a Fortune 250 company and a world leader in drive and control technology. For 100 years, the company has contributed to the success of its customers with its solutions for industrial applications and the aerospace sector. Further information is available at or @parkerhannifin.