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Parker Launches Energy Efficient Nitrogen Generator for North and South America

LANCASTER, N.Y., March 27, 2017The Gas Separation and Filtration Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, today announced the launch of its new NITROSource line of nitrogen generators for the North and South American markets.


A product of Parker’s worldwide R&D resources and featuring a host of intelligent engineering solutions, unique technology and a sleek space-saving design, the NITROSource nitrogen generator is designed to work more efficiently for customers and offers a number of significant advantages over delivered gas options, as well as traditional generator designs. Utilizing the latest flow modeling technology, materials and controls system, NITROSource is one of the highest efficiency nitrogen generators on the market today. It produces nitrogen at the lowest unit cost by minimizing compressed air use.


NITROSource utilizes the most robust, highest efficiency Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS), which removes the oxygen from the compressed air stream. This is the ”engine” of the generator, and the source of valuable performance benefits: more gas with less compressed air, reducing energy consumption; a very long working life, saving money on replacements; and less CMS per unit of gas produced, enabling a more compact design.


Manufactured to Parker’s strict quality standards, the Parker gas generators have proven reliable in over 50,000 installs globally. Parker’s generators comply with industry standards and are used in numerous applications in the oil and gas industry, including high pressure portable membrane and large custom Pressure Swing Adsorption nitrogen generators. Applications include chemical blanketing, dry gas seals, drilling, pipeline maintenance and oil and gas processing facilities use. Systems with flows up to 86,000 scfh at pressures to 5000 psig and purities to 99.999% are available. ISO shipping containers can be designed and are Zone II compliant.


Many are unaware of the costs incurred to source nitrogen from a traditional gas supply company. In addition to the cost of the nitrogen itself, there are delivery fees, HAZMAT fees and rental costs. Gas companies manufacture nitrogen using cryogenics to cool air to temperatures below -321F (-196C), then the nitrogen is packaged and shipped over the road to customers using diesel trucks. On-site nitrogen generation is a cost effective, green alternative to traditional supply of nitrogen.


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