Parker launches Intellinder hydraulic cylinders with absolute position sensing for demanding power-dense applications

New rugged cylinders use integrated, opto-electronic sensing to deliver high performance with fast and easy installation and low maintenance costs

Parker Hannifin has introduced a new range of heavy duty hydraulic cylinders that integrate absolute position monitoring and support improved application productivity while offering low installation and maintenance costs. Intellinder cylinders provide a rugged, damage resistant solution for use in OEM equipment that requires precise indication of the linear position of components attached to a hydraulic cylinder. Typical applications for the innovative new technology can be found on vehicles and equipment in the construction, agriculture and forestry markets.

Intellinder hydraulic cylinders are able to support a range of functions in power-dense applications; these include electronic cushioning, load monitoring, auto-level and return to position. They are offered with rod diameters ranging from 25 mm to 127 mm, with no limitation on bore size. Stroke lengths up to 2.4 metres are possible using products from the standard range, with longer lengths available if required. Double-rod configurations can also be supplied for use in applications such as steering assemblies.

By using opto-electronic technology, Intellinder avoids the limitations of traditional position monitoring, notably the vulnerability of external feedback devices and the complexity and potential fatigue issues of internal transducer designs. The sensor is mounted in the head of the cylinder to read a pattern in the piston rod, with resolution of 0.03 mm. The signal is then processed by electronics integrated in the sensor unit and output via CAN-bus to the control system. By combining Intellinder with a control system such as Parker’s IQAN vehicle automation system, OEMs can implement a complete actuation and control system for mobile applications.

The benefits of the design are particularly evident in vehicle steering system applications where Intellinder is available as a double rod cylinder, providing absolute position monitoring in safety-critical applications. Safety can be further enhanced by multiple redundancy – utilising two or more sensors mounted around a piston rod with full radial marking offers improved redundancy over other linear sensing devices.

Because absolute position monitoring – as used on Intellinder cylinders - does not need to measure from a reference point on start-up, it is faster and delivers higher performance than incremental techniques. It is also safer as it is unaffected by supply voltage variations or high-speed position changes.

Intellinder hydraulic cylinders are supplied fully assembled and tested. Once the cylinder is mounted and connected to the hydraulic system, installation can be completed quickly and easily by making a single electrical connection to the controller. The fully integrated design, which employs a rugged, die-cast zinc alloy housing rated IP67 for the sensor and electronics, contributes to extreme durability, minimal downtime and low maintenance requirements.

The simplified machine design and enhanced performance made possible when using Intellinder cylinders improve reliability, offers gains in productivity and can reduce the overall weight and cost of the application.


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