The new Parker EO-3® coupling system: Now install hydraulic lines even quicker and even more securely

Kaarst/Bielefeld, April 2013 – For more than 80 years, Parker Hannifin, the world's leading manufacturer of drive and control technology,  has been developing high-pressure hydraulic couplings and setting standards globally. Over the years, new geometries and materials have improved the performance, reliability, and ease of installation of the original Ermeto couplings. Therefore, leakages in piping systems today cannot be ascribed to material defects, as they could be previously, but rather to improper installation. Assistance is provided in this regard by the new, quickly installable EO-3® coupling system.  Its innovative form and technology raise pipe installation to a high level of quality, security, and economy.

Conical connection enables seamless installation

When it comes to couplings, correct installation is essential, because the effects of leakages are not pleasant:  cost-intensive downtimes, customer complaints, reworking, environmental damage, and even accidents. Given this context, with the EO-3® system Parker has developed a coupling concept that sets whole new standards.
EO-3® couplings enable simpler, quicker, and more secure installations. This is achieved with a new thread technology. In contrast to all prior (DIN-standard) couplings, the EO-3® system is based on a 24-degree inner cone with integrated soft seal and a cone-shaped connecting thread. The world's first and unique system of its kind, the EO-3® coupling enables the control of installation results from the outside. Using a yellow signal ring, the installer can tell immediately whether the coupling has been made correctly.

EO-3® couplings can be installed considerably quicker than conventional coupling systems on the market. The EO-3® installation requires neither a torque wrench nor a wrench extension – a common open-ended wrench will suffice. With pipe sizes from
25 millimeters, an octagonal screw nut – instead of a standard hexagonal screw nut – ensures for increased ease of installation. The octagonal screw nut makes access easier with the open-ended wrench in tight construction spaces. The wrench must not be changed so frequently, meaning the installation speed increases.

Machine pipe forming with proven technology

For the new bolt connections, Parker uses the EO metal-forming machine tool that is already on the market. With the machines users have been using up until now to produce, for example, the EO-2-shaped pipe couplings, users can also create EO-3® couplings – an important contribution to cost reduction. This merely requires the respective EO-3® forming dies.

Ability to be combined and flexible employment

In addition to rigid pipework, many applications demand flexible hose connections.
EO-3® is applicable in both variants.  Linking to existing EO-2 connections is also possible without any problems thanks to an adapter. This means 'old' couplings can be converted or upgraded to the EO-3® system at virtually no additional cost.  The new coupling system offers four times as much safety and does away with the standard LL, L, and S series classifications that have previously been customary. But for a few exceptions, a single pressure stage of 420 bar applies to all pipe sizes. Elastomeric materials can be selected specifically for applications and, thus, media.

Benefits of the new concept at a glance

• Immediately detectable thread intake
• Quick manual pre-installation
• Safer installation due to less effort
• Less space requirement for installing in difficult installation situations
• Shorter installation time
• Signal ring as a control option for the installer
• Soft seal integrated in the cone improves sealing behavior – even with high system dynamics
• Additional increased safety provided by elastomers pre-installed in the fitting body
• Compact design means space-saving constructions

Parker's EO-3® coupling system can be used in 

• Rigid pipe connections and hose applications
• All external pipe diameters from 6 to 42 millimeters
• Temperatures from -40 to +120 degrees Celsius


About Parker Hannifin

With an annual revenue of over 13 billion US Dollars in the 2012 fiscal year, Parker Hannifin is the world's leading manufacturer in drive and control technology. The company develops and designs systems and precision solutions for mobile and industrial applications and for the aviation and aerospace sectors. Parker Hannifin employs some 60,000 people in 48 countries. Its annual dividend has increased continually over the past 56 years, ranking Parker Hannifin among the top 5 companies with the longest phase of uninterrupted dividend increases in Standard & Poor's 500 Index. More information can be found on the Internet at, or at for investors.