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Parker announces integrated gearbox health maintenance system for large wind turbines up to 7.0MW

Parker announces integrated gearbox health maintenance system for large wind turbines up to 7.0MW

Multiple function modules in a lube oil filtration system combine to provide wind turbine designers and manufacturers with an effective, cost-reducing turn-key gearbox filtration and lubrication system solution

ATLANTA, GA June 3, 2012 - Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, announced today a Lube Oil Filtration System (LOFS).This first of its kind system is a fully integrated gearbox filtration and lubrication system, with configurations to handle wind turbines of 1.0MW to 7.0MW.

In the past, wind turbine OEM’s built fluid filtration systems by assembling components from different manufacturers. While such systems worked reasonably well, Parker chose to deliver complete gearbox health maintenance systems, which included multiple functions like filtration (filters, pumps, valves) cooling, monitoring and conditioning, and the related piping to connect the various components. By integrating multiple system components in a manifold block rather than piping the components individually, installation is simplified in a more reliable, compact and lighter unit.

Parker’s LOFS also offers a choice of particle detectors for another level of contamination control, which include independent monitoring of system contamination trends, and early warning LED’s or digital display indicators that convey low, medium or high contamination levels.

Created by Parker’s Hydraulic Filter Division Europe, the LOFS can include such features as magnetic pre-filtration, which can increase the lifetime of hydraulic filters by up to 40%. Further developments in the use of patented media and element design by Parker have seen life of filter elements go from a nominal three to six months, up to 15 months – a significant reduction in maintenance costs for turbine owners.

“Efficient filtration technology and lubricating oil system cleanliness is essential in extending maintenance intervals and increasing equipment reliability. Parker’s combined gearbox lubrication filtration and cooling systems do just that,” said Olli Rantanen, Product Manager with Parker’s Hydraulic Filtration Division Europe.

“Parker’s outstanding wind turbine experience and world leading technology in filtration solutions have helped convince our renewable energy customers of the system reliability, and our system-matched filtration solutions have proven to be effective to extend the lifetime of critical components such as bearings,” he added.

Benefits of integration
The modular capability of the Parker system is a key benefit, as it allows designers the flexibility to mix and match different sub-systems. Pre-engineered sub-systems are designed as building blocks, which are pre-tested and can be configured for a specific application. Parker is delivering a manufactured turn key solution which allows wind turbine designers to shorten their design cycle lead time.

Systems are designed for easy installation and maintenance
Parker is an innovative manufacturer and supplier to the world’s OEMs - but many years of focusing on system integration solutions based on customer specifications applied to LOFS for heavy oil applications has allowed Parker to differentiate itself in the wind energy market as a proven manufacturer delivering not only quality components and systems, but value added services such as kitting and packaging, system integration/turnkey solutions and predictive service and maintenance. Parker also supplies complete electro-installations with all sensors and diagnostic tools wired to terminal boxes for easy connection to the OEMs main control panel.

Product configuration and benefit summary for wind turbine gearboxes
The Lube Oil Filtration System (LOFS) from Parker consist of these main components: Electrically driven pump; mechanicaly driven pump; filter-manifold with integrated functions; heat exchangers; oil reservoir equipment or additionaly external oil tank assembly; and particle detection equipment. The system’s lightweight, compact design and integrated fluid functionality reduce possible leakage points and decreases the number of components and connections with piping and fittings that traditionally would be required. Electric system solutions are connected to terminal boxes and high flow / low differential pressure Parker lube filters provide world class filtration performance effective in extreme conditions.

Parker’s integrated filtration/condition monitoring system provides what the company terms as “total gearbox health maintenance” for today’s wind turbines. A complete summary of the integrated system is summarized below:

- Reduce the number of ‘loose’ components and sub-systems by integrating them into a filter manifold solution
- Using fewer connections, pipes and fittings- and thereby reducing potential leakage points
- Reduced installation time
- Multiple test points for full system analysis capability
- Easy maintenance is designed in
- Gearbox Health Management system tools and processes can be designed into the system from the outset
- Electric system solution is pre-connected to terminal boxes
- Parker provides turnkey solutions, including project management support
- World-wide availability with support from Parker’s Renewable Energy teams in US, Europe and Asia

For more information on the Lube Oil Filtration System, please visit: www.parker.com/windpower and www.parker.com/hfde

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