Parker Presents Duo of Advanced Filtration Systems for the Prevention of Airborne Diseases in Agricultural Environments

Jeffersonville, Indiana, December 20, 2019 – Parker HVAC Filtration, a division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, announces two new filtration products designed specifically for the agriculture industry: Parker Pur Ag® SlimBox Filter and Parker Pur Ag® V-Bank Filter. Both filters can be installed in livestock facilities as pathogen barrier filters to trap airborne viruses and the dust particles they travel on, preventing them from entering the building and contaminating swine or poultry populations which can result in catastrophic losses to animal populations and business. In addition, both filters are designed to be used in the Parker Pur Ag® housings, grid wall assemblies and eave mount systems to provide a proper seal.


The advanced and proprietary filter systems feature pleated technology with adhesive beads for high dust holding capacity and low airflow resistance. They are ideal for use in evaporating cooling systems, cool cell walls, attic filtration, and eave filtration situations where the ever-present risk of PRRS, PED, influenza, foot-and-mouth disease, Aujesky’s, M-hyo, infectious coryza, avian influenza, bronchitis, and other possible threats such as Newcastle disease can be drastically reduced by investing in a high-quality filtration system.


“Parker HVAC is recognized worldwide for its ability to protect air quality for people and environments,” said Perry Hartmann, Business Development Manager at Parker HVAC Filtration. “Extending our filtration expertise to the agriculture community was a logical next step and a way for us to solve a real problem for farmers and livestock producers who are already facing significant industry challenges that are beyond their control,” commented Hartmann.


Parker Pur Ag® SlimBox Filter:
The patented Parker Pur Ag® SlimBox Filter is MERV 16-rated, 6" deep, with a log 9 viral efficiency that provides industry-leading airflow at low resistance. The filter features 100% synthetic, moisture-resistant, gradient density media that will not support microbial growth. Its high-strength, mechanical locking structure reduces the possibility of damage during handling or installation, further reducing the risk of airborne illness to livestock. Its media pack is fully sealed around the perimeter into the frame eliminating air bypass. Parker’s SlimBox filters are available in two standard nominal sizes of 24"x24"x6" and 20"x24"x6".

Additional features include:
• Exclusive Parker E-Pleat® technology featuring an embossed pleat pack with adhesive beads
• Factory-installed upstream and downstream gaskets that eliminates air bypass
• Light-weight, compact construction that simplifies replacement and lowers installation and shipping costs
• High-impact plastic frame construction that’s fully incinerable


Parker Pur Ag® V-Bank Filter:
Parker’s Pur Ag® V-Bank Filter is MERV 15-rated and 12" deep. Its high-efficiency media is constructed of dual layers of microglass paper with heavy-duty acrylic resin binder. Its media pack is fully sealed around the perimeter into the frame eliminating air bypass. The unique design of Parker’s V-Bank filter offers energy savings with high airflow at low resistance.
Parker’s V-Bank filters are available in two standard nominal sizes of 24"x24"x12" and 20"x24"x12".


Additional features include:
• Factory-installed upstream and downstream gaskets ensure no viral particulate will bypass around the filter
• Filter frame is designed with mechanical locking components to ensure durability during handling and product life
• Lightweight construction allows for easy handling, installation, and replacement into filter housings and grid systems
• Mechanical filtration performance as tested per ISO 16890 IPA conditioning method
• High-impact plastic frame construction that’s fully incinerable


To learn more about Parker’s Parker Pur Ag® SlimBox and V-Bank Filters, please contact Kelly Ballard, Parker HVAC Filtration Division, at (866) 247-4827 or


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