Distribution & Opportunities

Distribution & Opportunities

Parker Hannifin company pays much attention to retail development and after market activities - maintenance, repair and operations (fMRO) which are served by distribution network.

  • ParkerStore HOSE Doctor®

    HOSE DOCTOR® - is a mobile workshop of hose replacement. It comes directly to your work location with all necessary equipment and hoses, fittings, adapters and auxiliary devices for rendering the round-the-clock technical supposrts. The company supports business of HOSE DOCTOR®, helping with determination of the key markets, both mobile and industrial for which similar services are necessary

  • ParkerStore retail service

    ParkerStore - is a business conception that Parker Hannifin suggests to realize for its distribution network. The conception concerns in thecreation of sales location of Parker production arranged in the form of a trade floor with the calculation of goods on shelves. It is retail shop, showroom, a local warehouse of products, production workshop of high pressure hoses. Now the network contains more than 2000 locations of MRO around the world, and this growth also affects the depth of product range, available services and delivery modes offered to your customers.

  • OnSite Container

    OnSite Container within ParkerStore strategy is based on the n requirements of the industry which is engaged in remote production of useful minerals. This program serves a set of market industries among whichare oil & gas industry, construction, production, the naval fleet and others.