Your Benefits

Your Benefits

Parker's technologies respond to our customers’ needs in various markets which are rapidly evolving. For our Swiss customers, being either OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers) or Distributors, we offer complete and innovative system solutions for all kind of industries: Mobile & Transportation, Life Sciences, Food &Beverage, Power Generation and Renewable Energy  . The aim is to enhance our customers' productivity and profitability –Together, we can.

Our strength is to offer a wide range of qualitative products and applications from a single source. Our unique portfolio counts more than one million products, such as tubes, hoses, fittings, seals, filters, accumulators and actuators, pumps, motors, generators and quick couplings, etc.


We develop innovative applications and complete systems, with a clear focus on energy optimization and sustainability.

Here are some of examples:  
• Two-phase evaporative cooling system for hydraulic applications which can remove heat up to 60% more efficiently than existing solutions  
• New environmentally friendly  surfaces on our innovative new fitting EO3
• Hybrid / Electrical vehicle inverter, often used in communal vehicles, which eliminate the need for diesel engine to idle and therefore reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
• Extremely resistant and long lasting filters for all kinds of environments, i.e.: diesel filters for industrial use, spiral filters for sanitary applications, air filters for clean rooms, etc.