Instrumentation Products Division

Instrumentation Products Division


Parker Instrumentation Core Values

We have dedicated ourselves to engineering excellence by developing truly innovative process control products that are safer in installation, operation and manufacture; for people, and for the environment. To us and many of our clients, safety, reliability and integrity are critical selection factors. The safe choice means that we provide instrumentation products and services that have safety built into their designs. Below you will find the key elements which make up our Values. 

  • Corrosion Control

    In corrosive production environments such as offshore, conventional corrosion control could be ineffective and result in severe environmental, business, or human costs. At Parker, we research and apply the best corrosion resistant alloy materials to suit the operating environment, sourcing our materials from the most prestigious mills in Europe and North America.

  • Leak Free

    We have developed new methods for connecting instrumentation tube, close-coupling, and valve technology that reduce both the number of leak paths, and the potential for leaks with thread-less instrumentation fittings and process to instrument valves.

  • Material Science

    Similar to corrosion control, we make sure that the correct materials are selected for each application, rather than providing a standard material. This involves planning, and careful consideration of the operating environment. Parker can also run seminars at your location to your team of metallurgists on the science behind correct material selection.

  • Close Coupling

    By eliminating complicated hook-ups and placing process instruments, such as DP transmitters, at or closer to the process pipework, we are able to reduce costs, reduce leak paths, and increase safety.

  • Reducing NPT

    Threaded connections are time-consuming to install, and the use of NPT can cause contamination, or worse, leakage at connection points. That's why we have developed no less than four threadless fittings (A-LOK®, CPI™, MPI™ and Phastite®) that allow for faster assembly, fewer leak paths and lower emissions for a longer life

  • Asset Integrity

    As requirements within the  industries we serve become ever more demanding there has never been a better time to look at correct instrumentation fitting and/or tubing choice. Making the right decisions when selecting your fittings and tubing helps ensure you have safe and reliable connections and can eliminate leakage and associated costs.