Instrumentation Products Division

Instrumentation Products Division

Corrosion Control

As the worldwide search for energy is turning to more challenging applications, an increasing number of situations are being encountered where corrosive production environments and products are present.

Many of these cases often involve significant amounts of hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide, brine or hazardous chemicals among others, where their high corrosivity along with the wrong decisions made during the design stage have often lead to fatal failure and invaluable human, environmental and economic loss. In most cases, these situations could have been avoided by properly analyzing the specific operating parameters and designing the most suitable equipment. Corrosion represents the difference between trouble-free operation and costly downtime. Problems include:

  •  Replacement of damaged equipment
  •  Over-design to allow for corrosion
  •  Preventive maintenance
  •  Shutdown due to corrosion failure
  •  Loss or contamination of the product being produced
  •  Failure of adjacent equipment

Our primary philosophy is to build reliable, efficient, cost-effective equipment for the intended service. We always strive for the best quality in the designs we produce, the materials we select and manufacturing processes we apply. All our materials come from the most prestigious mills in Europe and North America, are fully traceable to the source of origin and mercury and radioactive free. We want to add value to every component we create and make all the applications we serve Smarter, Faster, Cleaner and Safer.