Instrumentation Products Division

Instrumentation Products Division

Asset Integrity

System integrity and longevity are vital to maximising production and minimising potential environmental issues, maintenance and associated costs. However, all too often a fitting and tube combination have been selected using a small number of key criteria.

  •  Incorrect tube choice leading to corrosion issues and mechanical strength problems
  •  Incorrect fitting choice in conjunction with tube specified leading to lower system integrity over medium to long-term
  •  System design, not allowing for long-term maintenance
  •  Commercial pressures. Considering cost over long-term system operation
  •  Product availability. A User may well specify a readily available product to reduce impact on system build time without considering long term performance

At Parker, we are keen to discuss material options across our range of fittings and tubing from the outset, to avoid any potential problems in the future. In addition, we cannot stress enough the importance of proper training in assembly, provided by our world-class Small Bore Tubing Expert (SBEx) program. We want to work with Engineers and Users to ensure they are confident with their choices and how they are assembled, thereby increasing Safety and reducing maintenance time and associated costs.

As a general rule mixing of materials is discouraged. If you have a specific material requirement contact Parker for guidance

Always ensure you select the correct tube size for the specified working pressure and ensure the tube used is in line with the fitting manufacturers guidelines

Consider temperature of the application as de-rating factors may need to be applied this would include thermo cycling

Corrosion is a key factor also in the decision making process. Understand the potential corrosion to ensure correct materials are used.

Understand the system build. This helps when deciding the location of a fitting and whether it needs to be maintained. Key decisions can then be made on the most effective fabrication solution.

Ensure the correct handling of a fitting and tube is implemented at all times. Good house keeping when stocking and during fabrication will increase your systems integrity

Are the personnel involved in system manufacture properly trained? Increasing your skills will create a safer build.