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BLOODHOUND SSC: Parker supports the world land speed record bid

BLOODHOUND SSC is a pioneering project designed to push the boundaries of modern engineering. The plan? To build a car capable of breaking the FIA's world land speed record - and ultimately achieve 1,000 miles per hour, driving across a South African desert. Parker is helping to support the initiative as a product sponsor - contributing to the supersonic car's stability, braking and safety.

Launched by Richard Noble and Andy Green, BLOODHOUND aims to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. It's a huge technical challenge. Priority one: get to 1,000 mph safely. Priority two: make sure the vehicle doesn't lift off the ground. And last but by no means least - safely brake from 1,000 mph to zero.

Above images by Stefan Marjoram, published with permission of BLOODHOUND SSC

BLOODHOUND SSC: Parker's work as a project sponsor

Parker has been a BLOODHOUND partner for several years - providing technical advice, support and products to support the team's expert engineers. Examples of our contributions to date include:

- Supplying hydraulic cylinders and related products to open air brake doors and brake more effectively

- Integrating high-tech composite piston into the airbrake hydraulic system for back-up power

- Providing hydraulic equipment to control the vehicle winglets, and help keep BLOODHOUND stable

- Collaborating on the design and layout of three manifold blocks that will control the air brakes

- Supplying aerospace fittings for the vehicle's gearbox

- Providing hydraulic actuators on the rocket fuel system

- Supplying power units to test BLOODHOUND's hydraulics prior to its desert runs.

Project update: Newquay test runs, October 2017

The first public test runs of BLOODHOUND SSC took place at Cornwall Airport Newquay on 26 October 2017 - 20 years after Thrust SSC set the current world land speed record.

The vehicle made two runs along the 9,000ft runway - achieving 210mph peak speed (from a standing start) in just eight seconds.

Watch the official Bloodhound is Go - Newquay 2017 YouTube video, live streamed on the vehicle's public debut

In 2018, BLOODHOUND is set to run at even higher speeds - leading up to a world record attempt at Hakskeen Pan in South Africa, and ultimately a bid for 1,000mph.

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