South Korea

Chungcheong distributor

Chungcheong distributor

The products produced by Parker Hannifin consist of a broad range of motion-control and fluid systems and components which you will be able to find through our comprehensive network of distributors below. Click on the images below to find out more about each groups' distributors in Chungcheong area

  • Automation Distributors

    Pneumatic, fluidic and electromechanical components and systems including: Air regulators/filters | Electric actuators and stages | Fluid control valves | Fluid system mass flow meters/controllers | Grippers | Inverters | Miniature air/liquid pumps | Motion controllers | Pneumatic control valves | Pneumatic cylinders | Pressure and flow controls | Servo motors and drives | Solenoid valves | Vacuum variable frequency drives |

  • Fluid Connectors Distributors

    Fluid Connectors DistributorsConnectors which control, transmit and contain fluid, including: Check valves | Diagnostic equipment | Hose couplings | Industrial hose | Low pressure fittings and adapters | Polytetrafluoroethylene ("PTFE") hose and tubing | Quick couplings | Rubber and thermoplastic hose | Tube fittings and adapters | Tubing and plastic fittings

  • Instrumentation Distributors

    High quality critical flow components for process instrumentation, healthcare and ultra-high purity applications and components for use in refrigeration and air conditioning systems and in fluid control applications for processing, fuel dispensing, beverage dispensing and mobile emissions, including: Accumulators | Analytical instruments and sample conditioning systems | Carbon dioxide controls | Compressed natural gas dispensers | Cryogenic valves | Electronic controllers | Electronic valves | Filter driers | Fluid system fittings, valves, regulators and manifold valves | Fluoropolymer chemical delivery fittings, valves and pumps | High pressure fittings, valves, pumps and systems| High-purity gas delivery fittings, valves and regulators | Natural gas on-board fuel systems | Pressure regulating valves | Refrigeration and air conditioning electronic controls and monitoring |