Instrumentation Products Division

Instrumentation Products Division

Small Bore Expert (SBEx) Training

We can train your Instrumentation fitters, technicians and maintenance personnel to become Small Bore Tubing Experts with our dedicated SBEx training program, designed to help you save time, reduce overheads and increase safety.

Parker's SBEx Training methodology includes Q/A sessions, small group discussions, review sessions, hands-on practical exercises, tests, role-playing and guided practice with feedback.

Our world-class training facility is open for employees, distributors and customers, delivering on the following objectives:

- Increasing understanding of small bore tubing systems and components
- Improving small bore tubing systems safety
- Enhancing small bore tubing systems integrity
- Reducing potential losses
- Augmenting skills and confidence whilst working on small bore tubing systems

The goal of our training is that knowledge is implanted throughout the organization so that all relevant personnel can learn the practical techniques involved with the selection and assembling of tube fittings, valves and pressure system components.

This training programme not only explains in detail the correct assembly procedure, but also covers the following criteria:

- Technical features of the product and why they are important
- The principle of the fitting and how it works
- Tube selection and preparation
- Typical installation problems and causes
- Identification of different makes
- Practical demonstrations and test

Following the completion of a practical test, certificates are awarded to the successful participants.  

Please note: The SBEx training programme is generally in accordance with the UK Oil & Gas Operators Association (UKOOA) Guide for the management, design, installation of small bore tubing systems – EN directive number 0852932758.

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