Our value added services

Parker's value extends beyond products

Of key importance in all of these value added services are the reliability, safety, cost efficiency and environmental benefits that result.

  • Kitting

    We can pack multiple components in a single customized set. This "kit" is given a single product number which makes life easier for order processing ans also for assembly in our workshops.

  • Tech Services

    Tech Services is aimed to support you when implementing new projects or improving existing solutions from concept to serial production via modelling, prototyping, testing and validation.

  • Breadman

    Parker can pack, mark and deliver according to your needs. The products and kits are delivered directly to assembly line, work stations or workshops. Breadman is a system that is commonly used to supply components or kits on a daily basis.

  • Customer technical support

    Our customer technical support gives advice through a group of technicians qualified to provide preventive maintenance for your systems factory, expertise and repairs to hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

  • Fluid Analysis

    Designed for monitoring, calibration and particle counting, this modern laboratory can also be used to measure fluid cleanliness.

  • Training

    Parker organizes bespoke training such as hydraulic training sessions : from theory to practice with qualified instructors using proven methods. This enables our customers to develop greater expertise and acquire new knowledge.

  • System solutions

    Parker provides a comprehensive range of system solutions for all types of hydraulic, pneumatic and electromechanical applications. A team of engineers is at your disposal to develop complete systems according to your needs.