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Instrumentation Products Division

Instrumentation Products Division

Houston, TX

Located in Houston, TX, the PGI product brand, part of Instrumentation Products Division serves the global energy, OEM and agricultural industries by designing, manufacturing, selling and servicing innovative high precision machined products and specialized electronic systems.

PGI product applications center on providing small ancillary devices and systems that interface to a pressurized vessel, typically connecting, isolating, sensing or utilizing pressurized fluids.

PGI product offerings include proprietary instrumentation valves and measurement systems for the gas processing and industrial markets, proprietary valve and well head components for oilfield applications, and proprietary propane and agricultural chemical valves and safety related equipment.

PGI supplies products and services to dozens of Fortune 500 companies through both local stocking distributors and solid corporate-to-corporate relationships.  PGI works closely with our partners to establish new opportunities to grow our businesses together by co-developing solutions to their design, development and application issues. 

Parker Hannifin Corporation
16101 Vallen Drive
Houston Texas 77041 USA