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Additional Services

ParkerStore is dedicated to providing you the products and services you need to resolve your hydraulic and pneumatic issues. As a result, our stores offer a number of additional services to help improve your productivity. Contact your local ParkerStore to find out what services are offered at your location.

  Equipment Rentals
    You don’t always have the time or money needed to invest in tools for short-term jobs.  That’s why some ParkerStore locations offer equipment rentals.  Rent exactly what you need for how long you need it and don’t waste money on something you won’t use frequently.  Consult with your local store to find out how you can rent filter carts, crimper systems (including dies and pumps) and other equipment.  Equipment rental availability and fees vary by location.
  Fluid Sampling
    Fluid sampling is a critical tool in preventative maintenance that can save you time and money down the road.  Sampling can identify potential problems that could cause major hydraulic or lube oil system failures. We offer two types of tests, a water base fluid kit and a petroleum base fluid kit for your servicing needs. Contact your local ParkerStore to find out how to have your equipment tested.
  On-location Consultation
    A ParkerStore On-location Consultation is conducted when you need advice or a fresh opinion on engineering challenges at your jobsite or if you need help resolving repair issues. Our experts can review hydraulic and pneumatic systems, as well as perform fluid sampling to diagnose.  In addition, they can provide customized asset management and maintenance programs. Contact your nearest ParkerStore to set up a consultation.
    ParkerStore training and education programs ensure users have a strong grasp of our products and understand the proper maintenance involved to safely enhance the operational life of assets through best practices. Not only do we offer e-learning resources, but we’ll bring the training to you with on-location SafetyWorks and product demos. For more information, visit our Resources page or contact your ParkerStore professional for details.
   24-hour Service

In our commitment to improve your productivity and profitability, many ParkStore locations offer a 24-hour helpline service so you don’t have to wait to get the information and parts you need. Consult with your local ParkerStore to learn more.  Hours of operation vary by location.