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Compact Spiral Hose   Hose Covers
Parker’s Compact Spiral hose offers measurably greater advantages in routing and installation, product size and weight, performance and much more.   Our abrasion resistant hose covers offer you a world of protection and a choice of covers. Learn how to select the right one for your application.
Low-temperature Hose   Parkrimp Modular Crimpers
Parker’s family of specially designed, low temperature hoses are engineered to excel in the brutal cold and harshest conditions.   Parkrimp family of crimpers are the easiest to use and the most accurate and effective for making high performance hose assemblies.
Push-Lok Hose   XTR Coatings
Parker’s Push-Lok multipurpose hoses are the most versatile and complete line of premium, low pressure hose and fittings available anywhere.   Parker's XTR coating provides more than seven times the SAE standard protection. Learn more about how XTR can extend the life of your equipment.
GlobalCore can significantly reduce your inventory and part number complexity by using just five hoses and two fittings.