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ParkerStore Catalogue   Hose Fitting Reference Guide

Discover products and services for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

15.34 MB


An overview of the different fittings offered by Parker.

Excerpt from catalog 4400_95KB

Advanced Air Pipe Systems Catalog   Compact Spiral Hose

Parker manufactures a robust piping system with superior operational efficiency perfectly suited for all industrial applications. 

Cat. 0110TRN_5.2MB


Parker's Compact Spiral hose offers measurably greater advantages in routing and installation, product size, inventory savings and much more.

Bulletin 4480 B150_3MB

Crimp-Style Hose & Fittings   E-Z Form Hose

Parkrimp family of crimpers with our No-Skive hose and fittings make factory quality hose assemblies quickly and cost effectively.

Bulletin 4480 B40_1.71MB


E-Z Form hose provides extreme flexibility for easy and quick installation of coolant, water and oil suction/return lines on mobile and industrial equipment.

Bulletin 4835_374KB

Hose Chart   Hose, Fittings & Equipment

A chart displaying no-Skive hoses with compatible Parkrimp and field-attachable fitting series.



A complete guide covering hoses, their fittings, hose assembly equipment, accessories and safety.

Catalog 4400_41.1MB

XTR Coating   Hose Overview

Parker XTR coating provides 7x more protection than SAE standard protection.

Bulletin 4480-B158_980KB


Full list of industry hoses and their different ratings.

Excerpt from catalog 4400_265KB

Parkrimp Crimpers   Partek Wrap

Learn more about our complete line of Parkrimp Crimpers.

Excerpt from catalog 4400_137KB


Nylon hose sleeve designed for bundling hose assemblies after installation.

Bulletin 4480 B147_605KB

PolyGuard & ParKoil Hose Protector   Push-Lok

Learn more about the Parker polymer spiral wraps for hose and hose bundles.

Bulletin 4400 B18_1MB


Overview Push-Lok benefits and view instructions on how to properly use them.

Bulletin 4281-B1_9.25MB

TransAir Reference Guide   Universal Push-to-Connect

A full listing of Transair parts and insight into the technology behind the system.



Learn the benefits and advantages of a universal push-to-connect assembly.

Bulletin 4300-UPTC_308KB

Japanese Style Fittings   Komatsu to Parker

A full list of Japanese style fittings with specifications.

Bulletin 4480-B74_1MB


A conversion chart of Komatsu to Parker parts.

Bulletin 4480-B59_13.2MB

Caterpillar to Parker Conversion   Imperial Eastman to Parker

A conversion chart of Caterpillar to Parker parts.

Bulletin 4400-B23_3.96MB


A conversion chart of Imperial Eastman to Parker parts.

Bulletin 4400-B10_3.98MB

Kobelco to Parker    

A conversion chart of Kobelco to Parker parts.

Bulletin 4480-B32_563KB