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How To

Hose Assembly Fabrication Guide   Hose Assembly Instructions

A guide to illustrate practices commonly used throughout the industry.



A step by step, illustrated guide on how to put together a hose assembly.    

Bulletin 4480-B168_897KB

Everything About Metrics   Construction Equipment Terms

This guide is intended to aid you in making proper identification of metric and BSP fittings.

Bulletin 4400-T12_2.39MB


A glossary of commonly used construction terms with an illustrated equipment reference guide.

Bulletin 4400-B31_312KB

MiniKrimp Manual   KarryKut Instructional Guide

A technical guide that includes product info, crimping and assembly instructions and safety information.

Bulletin 4660-MKD_759KB


Step by step instructions, with illustrations, on how to cut industrial hose with a KarryKut Power Saw. 

Bulletin 4497-B1_170KB

Hose Cut-Off Manual   Hose Basics

A complete guide on the proper installation, use and maintenance of a hose cut-off machine.

Bulletin 4497-B11_1.42MB


This guide outlines Parker hose products and covers the topic of inner tubes and compares braided and spiral hoses.

Excerpt from Catalog 4400_220KB

How to Select Hose Fittings    

To make ordering Parker products easier, we have outlined the nomenclature for hose and fittings.

Excerpt from Catalog 4400_84KB