We make the difference in industrial fluid network

• Product Quality : All Transair® products are tested and controlled at every stage of the production process to ensure maximum efficiency and safety for the user.

Our products have to succeed a series of drastic tests: static and dynamic leak tests, burst pressure, cycled pressure and accelerated ageing tests.

Product Safety : Transair products have been designed to assure safety during all the stages of a project : installation, in service, maintenance etc. Fast and easy to install, light products and tools

• Transair® products meet the requirements of international regulations for under pressure equipments – TUV, PED directive 2014/68/EU, ASME B31.1 / B31.3 and TSSA.
• Transair® products meet the requirements for main standards for fire protection – Euroclasses 13501
• Transair® offers its range of products in NPT/ANSI version, and in BSP/ISO-EN version, to comply with the main dimensional standards worldwide.
Safety, Quality and Standards Transair
• Longevity : Corrosion-free construction
•Quality of the internal surface for a sustained cleanliness of the fluid and constant energetic performance
• 10 year guarantee.
• Manufacturing expertise : Plastic Injection, Brass Stamping, Machining Specialists
• Lean flexibility and Quick adaption (SMED) of production level (Machining, Hot Brass stamping, Advanced polymer Injection…)
• Process engineering expertise : all our production lines are developed by our engineers.
Reliability, Durability Transair
• Adaptable : Technologies offering the best compromise between safety, efficiency and adaptability
• Quick and easy installation for easier maintenance and reduced downtime
• Dismountable system and reusable products for low depreciation on capital.
• Quick : No need to weld, glue or crimp
• Lightweight for easy handling
• Ready-to-use.
Modularity Transair
• The Largest Offer of Tools and Services : The Transair® offer combines a wide range of tools and services to support every step of a project for industrial fluid networks: design, estimation, delivery, installation.

• Premium Customer Service : On-time delivery focus with dedicated teams for each order follow-up. One of the largest inventories in the world
Strong aftermarket support through our worldwide distribution network
Services Transair


- PED 2014/68/EU
- Working pressure 16bar
-Ø up to 6”
- Energy efficiency
- Ideal for highest air quality use and demanding environment - Lower installation and maintenance costs
- Safety and Durability: More than 20 years experience - Sizing tool: TFC

- Vacuum : 1mbar absolute pressure
- ø up to 168mm
-Full flow for a better aspiration - Big ø for a maximum flow
- Optimum sealing
- Different type colours of pipe for easy network identification
- Sizing tool:TVC

- Nitrogen, Argon, CO2 and their mix
- 99,99% purity with nitrogen
- Transair® system maintains conveyed gas purity
- 3 port wall bracket to connect column flowmeters
- Different colours of pipe for easy network identification
- Sizing tool: TFC

- System compatible with additives (glycol or inhibitors)
- Lubricating oils
- Pressure 10 bar
- Modular stainless steel system
- Optimum sealing of Transair® connectors
- Full flow connection
- Resistance to corrosion, mechanical shocks, thermal variations.

Transair® Technology

Transair® has developped a wide range of aluminium pipes and quick connectors for compressed air, inert gas and vacuum network applications. Thanks to this complete range, Transair® meets the customer needs from the technical room to the heart of production.
Aluminium Range Transair
Transair® has developped a wide range of stainless steel pipes and quick connectors for instustrial water and oil, compressed air, inert gas and vacuum network applications. Thanks to this complete range, Transair® meets the customer needs from the technical room to the heart of production.
Stainless Steel Range Transair
To meet the requirements of compressed air and vacuum applications in demanding environments (food and beverage, pharmaceutical or laboratories), Transair® proposes a complete range of Ø22 mm 316L stainless steel drops.
These modular drops with instant connection technology are very easy to clean and are resistant to aggressive chemical agents (list of chemical compatibility available upon request).
For food and beverage applications, these drops can be used in food or splash zones as they are compatible with permanent food contact (316L stainless steel complies with FDA - CFR21 requirements for food contact applications)
Stainless Steel Drops System Transair
Transair® has developed a range of products designed to meet the specific requirements of technical rooms, such as reduced space and the need for equipment maintenance operations, while preserving the historic advantages of Transair®: speed and ease of installation, flexibility, modularity, safety and performance.
All these products are made of aluminium and meet the requirements of ISO 8573: 2001 & 2010 Class 1.1.1, guaranteeing non-contamination of the fluid by solid particles, water, humidity or oil.
Technical Room Transair


BIM: Building Information Modeling To be BIM compatible, all Transair® families are now available, in REVIT format, in LOD (Level Of Detail) 200 and 400.
Sizing tools to select the right diameter:
- Transair® Flow Calculator for compressed air and inert gas networks
- Transair® Vacuum Calculator for vacuum networks
Transair® CAD Drawings : Transair® core products available in more than 60 CAD formats, 2D or 3D, neutral or native.
Design Tools
3 tools available online to calculate the budget of a Transair® network according to the project status:
• Pre-quote tool to estimate the necessary cost in a few seconds
• Quote tool to determine the most accurate bill of material and associated budget.
• Transair® Energy Efficiency Calculator evaluates the return on investment of a Transair® solution compared to a traditional steel network, for compressed air network projects - new or replacement.
More information from www.parkertransair.com
Estimation Tools
A dedicated team to support complex Transair® projects, including technical studies, estimations of installation times, detailed bill of material and related weight/volume. Available at transair.quotation@parker.com
Project Support
Our teams and partners are available to accompany you at any time on a construction site.


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