Carbon Black

Today's carbon black facilities seek the need to be more efficient with tight operating expenses as well as meet EPA regulations. Carbon black dust collection equipment/bag houses play an important role to the overall production no matter what type of grade is produced. Technology advancements over the years have allow plants to extend filter life while increasing production rates and decreasing equipment downtime.

ParkerĀ has provided nearly 50 years of technical solutions to the carbon black industry to overcome increasing demands.

  • The use of ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane filters are proven means of increasing production rates through reactor baghouses (MBF/MUF) and extending filter life.
  • Reducing downtime and increase filter life by applying 100% PTFE media in the dryer/pelletizer applications baghouses where the common operational issues are moisture, acid attack and higher temperatures excursions.
  • Pleated filter technology in pneumatic conveying (process/secondary filter) and nuisance/housekeeping dust filters (packaging, vacuum, etc.).


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