Today’s Lime manufacturing facilities are challenged to effectively manage base operating cost while also achieving environmental compliance. We are uniquely positioned to support these efforts through our nearly 50 years of experience in the Lime industry and active participation in industry groups such as the National Lime Association. Parker and the BHA brand bring Lime kilns and plants comprehensive solutions to their most challenging lime stone dust collection needs by combining advanced emissions control technology with proven application expertise.

A holistic systems approach has resulted in positive impacts that include:

  • Increasing product throughput
  • Dramatic increases in filter life by correct filter application and maximizing operational parameters
  • Elimination of production bottlenecks
  • Improved ambient dust control
  • Significant increases in filter life and life predictability
  • Energy consumption reduction via compressed air usage reduction and lowering of system pressure
  • Outlet emissions reduction
  • Training through in-person seminars and free webinars that cover air filtration baghouse maintenance, troubleshooting, fundamentals in system design, long-term efficiency and cost-savings.

We offer improvements and solutions for every dust collector in your operation.

Technical Services

Are you experiencing any of these issues in your operation?

  • Insufficient air flow
  • High differential pressure
  • Dusty environment

We can help. We offer technical services that include inspection and evaluation programs which provide valuable insights toward understanding dust collection problems and solutions, from a piece of collection equipment to a single baghouse to your entire emissions control system. After nearly 50 years in the filtration business, we have dealt with billions of particles from hundreds of sources, in dozens of industries. We have the expertise to best optimize your air stream and plant operations.


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