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Wherever your work takes you, Parker’s global sales and distribution network supports production plants in both the USA and Europe. Customers can benefit from local service and supply when using Parker oil and gas hoses. These hoses stand apart from the competition by featuring fast response, a light weight, yet robust design, and long continuous lengths.

High Collapse Resistant Hose - HCRV

The industries only high collapse resistant hose available in multiple colors for line identification.

Designed for 5,000 psi applications that are susceptible to reduced or zero internal pressure at a maximum water depth of 10,000 feet. HCR hose is the only collapse resistant hose available in multiples colors. Available fittings include Grayloc, JIC, and Subsea Dual-Seal. Typical applications include subsea controls, subsea accumulator functions, methanol injection and well stimulation. Also available in black or green as a non-standard.

Eliminate Core Tube Blistering

The Polyflex 2340N-24 flexible hose is specifically designed for subsea applications and replaces industrial grades of rubber hydraulic hose that are not designed or certified for subsea service. The seamless, extruded Polyamide core tube has a wide range of media compatibility, making it suitable for blow out preventer (BOP) equipment and many other offshore drilling applications. It carries the Certificate of Product Design Assessment (PDA) issued by American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

The 2340N hose serves multiple applications in the oil and gas industry, such as BOP stack, acidizing, well stimulation, cementing and land or subsea based hydraulic systems.

Low Volumetric Expansion Hose - 2380N

5,000 PSI at 4:1 DESIGN FACTOR - Hoses are rated up to 15,950 psi in sizes ranging between 5/32" up to 1" I.D. They are often used to replace high pressure, rigid tubing where vibration and routing constraints are an issue. Parker 2380N hose assemblies feature low volumetric expansion and long continuous lengths. Typical applications include subsea controls, acidizing, methanol injection, and well stimulation.

More Subsea Products

PARKER'S MOST POPULAR SUBSEA HOSE - Parker 2390N high pressure hydraulic hose handles pressures up to 7,000 psi and features low dimensional change under pressure, resulting in excellent response times. These hose assemblies weigh up to 20% less than comparable rubber hoses and feature extremely long lengths which reduce potential leak points by eliminating multiple adaptors.
575X FAST RESPONSE HOSE - Designed for applications that involve offshore drilling and require fast and accurate response time. Featuring low volumetric expansion and a 5,000 psi constant pressure rating, aramid reinforced 575X hose exhibits rapid response even over long lengths. Typical applications include hotlines, subsea bundles and general hydraulics. Abrasion resistant redundant cover available (TPV)
FLEXIBLE ALTERNATIVE TO WELDED PIPE - Black Eagle Hoses are up to 30% lighter than R13 hose and handles pressures up to 15,000 psi. It is a viable alternative to welded piping that requires costly labor & inspection and industrial grades of rubber hydraulic hose that are not designed or certified for subsea service. Available in sizes 1-1/2”, 2” and 3” I.D. in long continuous lengths. Typical applications include fracing, cementing, water/gas injection, methanol injection and well stimulation.
2022N 10,000 PSI HOSE - Flexible and lightweight with a smoothbore core tube for improved flow rate and low pressure drops. The polyurethane, pin-pricked cover allows adequate venting of permeable fluids. Meets ISO 13628-5 and is available in long continuous lengths for hose umbilicals requiring lightweight construction. Typical applications include subsea controls, subsea accumulator functions, methanol injection and well stimulation.
E3/E4 SUBSEA FITTINGS - Parker's E3/E4 fittings are designed to be used with 2390N and 2380N High Pressure Subsea hoses. These fittings eliminate the need for adaptors and provide the highest level of resistance to moisture ingression.

High Pressure Oil & Gas Brochures

Parker Subsea Hydraulic Hoses 
Blowout preventer umbilicals (BOP Hose), hotlines and stack hoses.

HCR High Collapse Resistant Hose
State of the art construction provides a minimum crush resistance of 6,600 psi external pressure.

Hotline Hoses
Hoses for primary emergency hydraulic control lines in offshore BOP stacks.

Black Eagle Hose
A viable alternative to welded pipe.

Black Eagle Light Hose
A superior solution for cementing and other abrasive applications.

E3/E4 Series Subsea Hose Fittings
Dual Seal Flange and JIC connections for subsea applications.


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