Parflex hydraulic hose for car wash applications feature good chemical compatibility and stainless steel fittings. They are built to resist permeation from the soaps, waxes and chemicals used in car care.The fiber reinforcement provides excellent flex-life fatigue and will not corrode if exposed (No Rust). The polyurethane jacket provides the best abrasion resistance and all of these hoses have a low coefficient of friction. Car wash applications include conveyors, sprayers, tire scrubbers, brushes, mitters and dryers.
ToughJacket Hose
Parflex 510D hose handles pressures up to 3,000 psi and has a matte cover for low coefficient of friction. It's applications include conveyors, brushes, tire scrubbers, chemical sprayers and wax sprayers. It has excellent kink and abrasion resistance. The available twinline hose option limits abrasion and tangling.
540N Hydraulic Hose
Parflex 520N hose handles pressures up to 5,000 psi and is excellent for applications such as conveyor, brushes, tire scrubbers, chemical sprayers and wax sprayers. It handles higher pressures than 540N hose and has excellent kink and abrasion resistance.
520N Hydraulic Hose
Bonded hoses improve the management of the hose and increase the overall assembly strength, eliminating some of the reasons hoses fail in the field. A bonded hose is particularly beneficial in cable track applications because it limits the abrasion damage that occurs when single hoses rub against each other. Applications include conveyors, chemical sprayers and wax sprayers. Up to 10 hoses in a single bond (10" maximum width).
Bonded Hydraulic Hose
Parker Fast-Stor® Air Hose Assemblies are manufactured from tough, abrasion-resistant nylon or polurethane with superior memory characteristics. Applications include pre-wash, soak and tire scrubbers.
Fast-Stor Air Hose
Fast-Stor Coiled Air Hose


Using Parflex thermoplastic tubing in the car wash allows for one product to be used in multiple applications, thus reducing scrap and inventory. All of these tubes are flexible and have good chemical resistance, with some performing better than others in particular applications.
Thermoplastic Tubing
Multitube® plastic tubing bundles provide corrosion protection, save space and reduce installation costs in many car wash applications. Bundling prevents tangling and a low coefficient of friction jacket for easy installation. Applications include control rooms, chemical sprayers and wax sprayers.
Multitube Tubing Bundle
Nylon is recognized as a rugged, light, corrosion and abrasion-resistant engineering plastic. Nylon has exceptional elastic memory and can withstand repeated flexing over long periods of time without fatigue or fracture. Nylon also offers high-impact resistance, even at subfreezing temperatures, and low moisture absorption to ensure dimensional stability. Applications for nylon tubing include pre-wash, control rooms, chemical sprayers and wax sprayers.
Nylon Tubing
Polyurethane combines the best properties of both plastic and rubber. It offers abrasion and tear resistance, high tensile and elongation values, and low compression set. It is naturally flexible and exhibits virtually unlimited flexural abilities. It resists pressure and vacuum better than corresponding sizes of PVC or rubber. Applications include pre-wash, soak, control rooms, chemical sprayers, wax sprayers.
Polyurethane Tubing
Polyethylene is widely used with pneumatics and its semi-rigid nature permits use with push to connect fittings without clamps. Parker polyethylene (PE) tubing is produced from a high molecular weight resin to provide increased dimensional stability, uniformity and long-term strength. Applications include pre-wash, soak, control rooms, chemical sprayers and wax sprayers.
Polyethylene Tubing


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